Anyone would advise that we should have a small business. However, there is a possibility that we would fail due to some reasons. Instead of wasting money and time, it would be much better for us address these issues and we may consider starting our own business in the future. As an example, we may not have money to invest and we rely only on business loan. We should know the loan with its interest would need to be repaid in installments, starting from the first month, regardless of whether we have started our business or not. During its first year, many small businesses have slow sales, which are barely enough to cover operating costs. Regardless of the quality of our product, there’s no guarantee that our business would turn profitable. It is important to find a business that can really provide us with some profitability. Start-up investment is quite large and we shouldn’t make things more complicated by relying only on business loans. Another problem is that we don’t have enough commitment to run our business and we are not willing to do some extra work.

One big reason that we are not ready to start a business is that we expect to immediately get weekly payments. In reality, we will need to deal with the build up phase and the potentially steep learning curve. Even if we have significant capital for running a business, we would need enough capital and energy to get the company off the ground. Many business owners are not prepared, because they don’t have the necessary entrepreneurial mindset. Coming from a cramped cubicle in the corporate world into our own home business would require shift in mindset and significant attitude adjustment. Because things can be quite tricky, it is important that we are able to become our own boss. We should know how successful business people and entrepreneurs work. In this situation, we need to be our own boss and this is a big change for any person who habitually works as employee under a manager or superior. It is possible that today, we are not cut out to be an effective entrepreneur or business owner. We need to have proper skill to be highly successful in our home business.

We should make sure that we can really do it and we should genuinely think that way. We should make sure that we can really become self-motivated to do common things in a daily basis. In reality, many new business owners don’t have big goals that can drive them. Success in small business typically require a lot of drive, passion and determination. It is clear that people who have successful business tend to have big dreams and goals. Our goals should be written down and we need to look at the frequently enough. We should also be excited with our goals and we need to have a clear vision to attain them. If we do this, we should know that success with small business will be achieved.