Every entrepreneur dreams of setting up a business that doesn’t need much effort or money but still brings a healthy profit. If you belong to this group, opening a laundry service would be a perfect solution for you.

Initiating a laundry is a quite a big process. If you have no prior training in the laundry business it is advisable that you run the numbers first and decide whether starting a laundry equals a good business opportunity for you. Also, you may conduct a thorough research into the industry by talking to other laundry owners and by reading the trade literature. Furthermore, it is not just a matter of searching for a good spot for the shop, putting a couple of washers and dryers in and coming to collect the money. There are many things that need to be considered. Just to name the few: location, parking, services, council and government requirements, etc.

In addition, a solid understanding of financial, sales, marketing, and management principals is crucial to a successful running of the business.

Provide Good Service

Home-based laundry services are the type of business with which you can start small and gradually develop into something big. However and wherever you decide to open the shop, you will need a proper equipment and friendly staff, because running a laundry business is not only about the clean clothes but about people. It is a service business and as such it requires you to treat your customers well if you want them to continue to use your laundry store.

Good service is therefore crucial to your survival. By taking the time to communicate with people that use your services and learning about their needs and preferences, you may ultimately improve the quality of your business and attract more customers. Moreover, if you get to know your customers, it will have a great chain reaction and can be terrific advertising for you, since word-of-a-mouth is still the best publicity you can get.

Install Proper Equipment

Besides a good customer service, you will need to provide good equipment. There are firms like Aqualogic that can help you put a full suite of laundry machines and accessories (washers, dryers, folders, and ironers) to your laundry store. You could also consider leasing it. Your needs will be based on the size of the laundry as well as on your services.

For instance, if you will start a small laundry service, among other things, you will need:

  • A wide ironing table – Get a smooth, wide enough table of about 120×180 cm. It will give you enough pressing space and will be more convenient for handling larger amounts of ironing.
  • A good pressing iron – Since you will be dealing with customers’ fabrics, it is recommended that you invest in a quality, brand new pressing iron.
  • Other things such as drying space where you will put dryer machines.

After you fill in the store with the equipment, you will need to monitor which machines are being used and how often. Due to the fact that laundries are usually open seven days a week, by monitoring machines, you will be able to react on time if one of them starts to give strange sounds or behaves funny, which would mean that it is close to being broken.

Business Ideas - Opening A Laundry Services

Steady Cash Flow

The amount of money you can earn from a laundry business alters exceedingly. The laundry services industry has a moderate intensity level of financial asset. However, it is a good and steady income, and that represents a big plus for many business owners.

Nowadays, laundries are fun and appealing multi-service centers that customers like to visit. Moreover, people are encouraged to use these services due to the rising household utility costs. Additionally, different machines offered in these centers save time, especially when laundering bulky items.

Therefore, if you want to start a business that will continuously bring the bacon to the table, no matter how the economy is performing, you will find it in laundries. Clean clothes are not a luxury, they are a necessity, and for that, coupled with your brilliant customer service and state-of-the-art equipment, people will come to you no matter how the stock market is doing.