The conference room may just be the most important room in the office. It’s where you get together and come up with new ideas which end up expanding your business. It’s also the room where your employees get a chance to show their strengths and prove themselves as professionals. Finally, it’s where your chance to leave a strong impression lies. Your conference room design can work for or against you. It’s up to you how you’ll use this tool to get ahead and impress both your employees and future clients.

1. Do think about functional furniture

Conference rooms with a big long table and office chairs are a thing of the past. If you want to set yourself aside as a creative and forward-thinking company, you’ll definitely think in terms of functional furniture. This means opting for a design that lasts a long time, looks professional and modern but is also ecological and affordable.

This is why you might choose the Scandinavian Style. It’s taken the world by storm and is becoming more popular in offices. This is because it’s the exact combination of the qualities mentioned above. You’ll be able to easily find convenient office desks and chairs, both comfortable and professional enough for your conference room. If a state of the art furniture from three of the most advanced countries on Earth doesn’t leave a lasting impression, nothing will.

2. Don’t overlook the windows

Windows are a huge part of any room and prove to be even more important for a conference room. Big windows allow a lot of natural light to come in and thereby provide a more comfortable experience for everyone in the room. No one likes sitting under artificial lights for too long as it can hurt the eyes, make you sleepy, and even make you lose focus.

Your conference room will look and feel great if you allow a little vitamin D to shine through. Having big windows also opens up new decorating opportunities. You can find beautiful drapes and curtains which will really tie the room together. This way, you’ll have privacy when you need it. Plus, it’ll become easier to get rid of distractions if there’s commotion outside.

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3. Do choose the right colour

Drab white walls don’t hold much attention or inspire creativity. You can still manage to look professional and serious even if you opt for a different colour. Something soothing and pleasant will do the trick as it will calm both the listener and the speaker without distracting anyone from the topic at hand. This is why pastel colours are an excellent choice.

You can also choose to play with colours according to how they affect our moods. To create a calming environment, opt for a soft blue. If you want your listeners to associate your firm with growth, a light green could be the ideal choice. Finally, yellow is suitable if you want to create a warm feeling of joy and happiness.

4. Don’t leave the walls empty

Now that you’ve chosen the colour, it’s time to think about what to put on the walls. The room may look nice and soothing in the colour of your choice, but it will still look very empty without something to tie it all together. Conference rooms do best with abstract framed photos. Abstraction leaves an impression on the viewer because it looks serious and professional but is also an expression of creativity. It makes them think and draws them in further without them noticing it.

Alternatively, you can frame motivational quotes related to your business and post them on the walls. This might be a more direct approach but is a surefire way to make yourself seem like a professional who knows exactly what they’re talking about. The walls of your conference room should testify to your expertise and convince your listener your firm is the way to go.

5. Do add a snack and coffee station

Meetings tend to run on forever, especially when they’re important. If you’re pitching a sale, you want your client to be as comfortable as possible, too. This is why you should definitely add a snack and coffee station. Your listener will be able to better concentrate if they have some refreshments. Let’s face it, halfway through the meeting or sales pitch, the person is already wondering when they can get their energy levels up.

This is especially true if you frequent morning meetings. You can make a deal with a bakery or catering company and have fresh pastries available every morning. As for the coffee, most firms opt for a capsule coffee machine as they’re quick and easy to use while delivering high-quality espressos and other drinks. All of this is bound to impress anyone you’re talking to and make you seem like a boss who cares.

6. Don’t rely on traditional methods

In this day and age, traditional presentations and speeches are often boring and don’t hold attention for long. If you really want to leave an impression, your conference room should be equipped with the latest technology. Visual aids are a huge plus as they help you illustrate your point and leave a more permanent print on the listener’s brain.

Precisely for this reason, every conference room needs an interactive board. They’re one step ahead of projectors and allow you to completely manipulate the screen the way you want. They’re also much more beneficial for brainstorming sessions and make them easier and more fun.


As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to designing your conference room. From the colour to the appliances on the counters, let your design speak for you. If it matches your confidence and strong willingness, you’re bound to close the deal. It’s also bound to inspire your employees to do better work and keep everyone motivated and happy. You’ll unleash the full power of the conference room as soon as you implement these changes.