One of the hardest things to do as a business can be creating content that meets the needs of your audience. In this content focused world today, however, it’s imperative that you learn how to do so. People are constantly on the lookout for answers to their problems, and they want to find them, especially when they’re online. This means you have to go through a conscious process of content creation and be sure you’re providing them with the content they so much desire. Keep reading to see top tips for creating content that captures your market.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

In order to create content that captures your target market, you first need to be able to put yourself in their shoes. Think about what their content needs are and who they are as individuals will help guide this decision. If, for instance, they are busy working-class people, then they may be in need of content that helps with managing their time and keeping stress levels low. Your goal should be to add value through the content you create.

Create the Right Kind of Content

These days, there are tons of different content types out there, so you have to create the kind that works for your audience. Again, understanding who your audience is and how they interact will give you an idea of which media type is most suitable. Here are a few common types you will come across below.

Video: A common media type and one that’s also becoming increasingly popular is video. People enjoy consuming content they can watch, and as a result, brands are creating a lot more of it. You could decide to start warming up to video marketing by posting on YouTube video weekly.

Infographics: If your audience happens to appreciate facts and statistics, infographics can be an excellent way to share such information. They are also good to help boost your SEO ranking and online presence.

Podcasts: At the moment there are over 525,000 podcasts on iTunes which shows the growing audience and demand for such types of content. If you have a good topic and conversationalist, it’s an ideal way to get through to your audience and make an impact. Podcasts can also benefit your business as they can help boost your reputation as a thought leader as well.

Market Research

Seeing as there is no better way to create content than based on research and data, this tip couldn’t possibly be left out. Conduct research as a way of asking your audience what they need, and also assess the data you already have on the ground.

Another approach in this respect would be to create research-based evergreen content based on their consistent needs. You could discover what these needs are by getting them to take surveys and using a Voxpopme Platform to include video responses in their feedback.

Find Trending Topics

These days, content creation has a lot to do with going with what’s trending which is something that changes pretty quickly. This means that you need to stay up-to-date if you want to create relevant content. You can find trending topics by doing topic research online and finding out which are the most popular. Social media hashtags also give good indications of what’s trending as well.