There is arguably few individuals that are busier than the average college student.  We juggle school assignments, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, internships, healthy social lives . . . and maybe even squeeze in a few hours of sleep. It’s no wonder that our living quarters often fall victim to dust and messes. However, keeping your environment tidy (and sanitary) can be a lot less time-consuming than you think.

1. Do dishes after each meal

We all have the experience of looking in the direction of the sink and, aghast, seeing a teetering pile of dirty dishes. There’s no describing the feeling of dread that sits in our stomachs as we anticipate the scraping off of the smelly, dried food from the surfaces, along with the scrubbing away of mold. This may seem obvious, but it’s worth stating: your life will be infinitely simpler (and cleaner) if you merely do your dishes after every meal. The ten minutes that the task will take will help your entire kitchen area appear presentable.

2. Keep up with laundry

When you’re in college, hampers have a way of overflowing and, soon, your floor is buried under a sea of shirts, socks and jeans. Don’t be the person who is forced to pick things up off the ground and sprays it with Febreeze before pulling it over his or her head. When you have that much clothes to wash, the task at hand can seem like it consumes an entire day. Spare yourself the headache and do laundry on a regular basis instead of letting the “dirty pile” and smell accumulate.

In case, you prefer going to a laundromat, sort your clothes in a specific order beforehand. This will save your precious time once you get there. Fold the clothes neatly before reaching home, so that you are not dumping baskets on your bed or sofa. Instead, store them directly into closets and drawers.

The life of a student or young professional is hectic, so it might be hard to get to the laundromat right when you need to. Since no one wants to sleep on dirty sheets, it’s a smart idea to keep an extra set around. Plus, if you ever have guests stay over, they’ll never have to bring their own blankets or towels.


3. Spruce up the floor

This is hardly groundbreaking, but floors get dirty. What makes neatening them up a true chore is if you have clutter on the ground that has to be moved or picked up. Therefore, limit the amount of junk that somehow ends up on this surface.

To clean the floors on a daily basis, try robot cleaners. They come in handy for heavy situations. If weekly sweeping or vacuuming doesn’t appeal that much to you, this might be a good alternative.

For a less costly option, the Swiffer Wet Jet can take care of both of these tasks at once. Stores like Walmart carry the broom/mop combination at a relatively low cost. In my opinion, the cost will more than make up for the hassle of using multiple cleaning supplies.

4. Pay attention towards the bathroom

The bathroom can rapidly become pretty gross, if you let it.Stick to the rule of “clean-as-you-go,” for the bathroom. Make it a point to clean anything and everything right away. It seldom takes more than a minute to wipe up a dirty sink or to give a quick flush to your toilet. You can also scrub the shower before showering yourself. To make life easier, have all of your soaps and washes in a few caddies that you can easily move about in order to scrub the areas underneath; having these items scattered about your sink area will make sanitizing this surface more challenging.

5. Set a timer

All these things should not take more than 15-30 minutes every day. Easier said than done, it is not that easy to rationalize those needed 30 minutes. Emails, messages, phone calls, and children are omnipresent to call your name while you tackle each chore. Therefore, consider setting a timer for the necessary amount of time and committing to working until the bell rings; you’ll be amazed how quickly things can get done when you’re not distracted by other tasks.

6. Do the small tasks

Staying on top of simple tasks makes things easier down the track. Small things like cleaning your dryer vents, your shower grout and your air conditioner can save you big time.

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Final Verdict

Consuming a snippet of your daily routine, these simple and effective cleaning solutions imbue you to maintain your apartment with impeccable cleanliness.