We live in the world where uninspiring and bleak workspaces are simply not an option for most companies. Over the years, company management has come to realize that a well-designed workspace can have numerous benefits when it comes to productivity and morale of the workers. And year upon year this has proven to be true, so now most companies are striving to create workspaces that are not only highly functional but also enjoyable for their workers.

This article features several design ideas that are bound to have a positive effect on the company employees.

The balanced approach

Most companies opt for open space concepts because they have proven to be a great option when it comes to inciting communication and teamwork. However, some people need a certain level of peace and quiet in order to concentrate, and not all of us function in the same way. So in order to provide such workers with the optimal working conditions, it is important to have secluded areas that are separate from the open spaces. These should be quiet rooms where you can sit, work and focus in silence. This is that balance, to provide your employees with both aspects. And in addition, don’t forget to include a lounge area, a place of rest and relaxation away from work and computers. This should be an essential gathering place in your company. That way you can help your workers reach another balance, one between work and rest. This will visibly boost productivity.

Introducing greenery

Having a few plants spread around the office is not enough any more. The new and improved workspace designs have a lot more to offer. For example, any space around your office building can be turned into a beautiful garden for your workers. In order to see what are your options, simply contact experts from Musa Landscape Architecture and they will provide you with several great solutions for your space. You should also consider an indoor green nook on each floor, a corner or two filled with plants and furnished with adequate sitting options, and maybe even a small Zen garden. This would be a great option for employees to relax during their breaks. In addition, plants can increase the oxygen levels in your office as well as have a positive effect on worker productivity, so it is not surprising that they are a focal point in a lot of modern office designs.

Get that color in

There is no more need for the white and gray depressing office designs. The goal is to create spaces that look fun and inspiring so that they can inspire creativity from your employees. Use color in your advantage. You can even opt for company colors, implement them in the form of furniture, floor decor and wall paint and art. There are so many different options to introduce bright and inspiring shades into the office space design, all that you need is a bit of inspiration, or a simple phone call to a great office space designer. More and more modern designers use different studies on the effects of color on productivity so that they can choose the best color combinations in their office designs. Whether or not this will give tangible results, remains to be seen.


Implement some motivation boosters

There is nothing better than having motivated employees, and workspace design plays a big role in helping them find their inspiration and work drive. A lot of modern office designs feature inspirational and motivational wall art in various parts of the space. Of course, it is best no to be corny, but rather to find some innovative quotes, maybe even from the employees themselves. In addition, you can include some fun activities in the break room. Get some old-fashioned puzzles, or even a game console.

Let the sunshine in

New office designs are all about the natural light and a lot of it. It is proven to lift the mood and increase productivity, that is why new designers strive for providing as much of it as possible. Natural light has a great positive effect on your employees and that is why it is important to ensure your workspace design takes advantage of it. Have at least two or three sides of the workspace covered in windows, and make additional changes so as to introduce skylights if possible. They will add a new dimension to space and increase the natural light significantly.

There you have it, new and exciting workspace design options that are bound to increase productivity and motivate your employees. This change in design can also have a positive effect on your customers who are going to love spending time in such a fun and inspirational space. What are you waiting for? Start your redesign process right away!