If you’re here because of the word ‘reruns’ in the title, then you don’t need us to tell you that The Office is one show that has limitless fun and quirks to its credit. We get to see some of the greatest actors pull off their best performances and what’s even more interesting is the fact that apart from acting some of them have written and directed the series as well.

Not that you need more reasons to watch this masterpiece, we are still going to give you some to strengthen your resolve to get started on the reruns already!

Its good and you know it!

Picking out a new show to watch is quite the gamble. Sure it’s got raving reviews but what if it’s not something you like? What if the plot bores you to death and characters just drone on and on delivering back to back lame dialogues? What if the new show rains on your parade? The Office wouldn’t do that to you. You’ve watched it a number of times and you know nothing floats your boat better than this!  You love the cast, are absolutely in love with the storyline plus you can quote the dialogues by heart – need we say more?

More importantly though, you already know how good it is and there ain’t no gambling here!

Hour long running time or 22 minutes? The choice has been made

Shows with hour-long run time are asking for too much commitment from you whereas The Office is a breezy 22 minutes which when compared to the draining 60 minutes is practically nothing. Even if the episode playing is not amongst your most favourite ones, it will be over before you know it! Plus, you can always do a marathon and it will be a blissful couple of hours well spent.

You will notice a few more quips that you missed out on before

Because you’ve watched it so many times, you need not even pay that much attention to it. But given the familiarity you share with this epic show, you will catch up on small details that you may not have noticed before. Your eyes do not necessarily have to be focused on the forefront of the screen. For instance in the episode “Did I stutter?” Dwight’s organisational charts has Creed’s name written in quotes, which tells us that Dwight was already aware of the fact that Creed was using a fake identity.

See what we mean?

You can once again deeply appreciate how much effort went into making this show

The one fact that we all agree upon is this – The Office is one show that’s hands down legit! The plot is rather simple and it kind of became like the playing field for the actors, directors and the writers. It helped them all zero in on a horde of relatable and rather weird characters and the relationships that they had with each other. A huge part of our lives is spent at work and most of us are stuck with jobs that we don’t really like. So to get through each day, we rely on finding happiness in simple things around us. It could be a friendship that you really value, playing little pranks on your colleagues, having a crush, gossiping incessantly, playing games or trolling the boss!

This simple truth was rather beautifully captured by The Office to perfection which is why it still remains to be one of the most popular shows even when it’s no longer on air.

What’s more each time you watch the reruns, it reveals a little more about the show and you relate to it more because you’ve gone through stuff too. The Office has found a way to build relationships in a manner that is believable and at the same time keep it simple, sweet and charming. The show makers have saved themselves from going down the ‘larger-than-life-dramatic’ road. They’ve created one of the saddest, most annoying and most adorable characters ever in Michael Scott.

All in all this show is the complete package with the most amazing acting and writing you will ever come across.

Maybe that new show that everyone keeps harping about is great, but in tasking times we all could do with a healthy dose of laughter. All we need is a big warm comfy blanket with the designer radiator keeping the atmosphere mellow, throw in a bag of chips to munch on and watch The Office to your heart’s content!