The business world can be quite volatile, while things can be lost and won with only little differences in advantages. While exceptional creative talents are often difficult to come by, they may not be enough to gain success in the market. However, creative genius may be able to achieve high status in the business world. They are able to delicately handle products to make them more desirable for customers. Creativity can shape products in their rough forms into something that can be considered as excellent finished products. There are things that can implemented, while they coincide with the product launch. Any radio, TV and billboards costs may need to be met upfront. Product literature, posters, flyers and others things should be made available. The cost of the complete advertising cost can be quite expensive, so it needs to be carefully managed.

We should also know that the payoff of a marketing campaign can be take months and sometimes, years to materialize. It may not be  possible to measure the results of marketing campaign in a short period of time. Because results from marketing campaign can be quite slow, we would need to have a highly meaningful tracking mechanism. If strategic marketing campaign is difficult to achieve, it may be necessary for small businesses to perform direct marketing efforts instead. Direct marketing is essentially an one-one-one dialogue between salesperson and marketer. Direct response and direct mail may be necessary. To achieve hard-hitting results that are often difficult to achieve. Evoking responses from customers can be quite tricky and it is important to convince potential customers that we will be able to solve problems that may appear.

Ineffective marketing campaign will cause customers to reject specific products. It is true that marketers shouldn’t give up if prospects reject an offered product. But, it is important not to push customers too hard. If customers have a bad experience with our salesperson, it is possible that they will refuse to purchase products. However, we should be able to convince buyers if it is clear that problems can be solved. In this case, people should be able to express enough interest in our products. This will cause us to likely have an intention to buy our products in the future. For small businesses that no longer have enough marketing fund, direct marketing is always an important alternative to choose. We may use direct mail campaign, highly targeted newspaper and power sales letters.

It should be possible for marketers from small businesses to generate quick sales. Any leads that we obtain from previous campaign can easily be followed up. It means that we should be able to generate significant sales. Other than direct email, we may also use press and the Internet to generate the best possible response. Again, our marketing approach should be able to convince customers that we will be able to solve problems. There could also be money back guarantee if our product is unable to deliver proper results.