Creating a memorable customer experience means the people who buy your goods or services not only feel good about their purchases but also happy that they made them from your company in particular. Providing such experiences is key to ensuring customers remain loyal to your brand, make repeated purchases and want to be first in line for new lines or ranges that you may launch in the future, but how do you ensure you offer a winning, unforgettable user experience?

Push Primacy

The so-called “primacy effect” suggests that customers are far more likely to remember the start of any interaction with a business than they are to remember parts of the later stages of their transaction. Ensuring you make a deep and meaningful connection with your customers as early as possible should, therefore, be your strategy.

From the content of your landing or home pages to the quality of your photographs and design, first impressions count for a great deal. Getting this part of your interaction with a customer right is especially important when you consider that failing to make such a connection early on means that a potential paying customer is far more likely to leave your store and do their shopping elsewhere.

Get Personal

The tiny thrill that comes from walking into your favorite coffee shop and having the barista get to work on your drink before you’ve even said a word is universal. We all enjoy those little personal touches that make us feel a little bit special, and you can create the same feelings in your customers by ensuring their experience of your site is as individual as possible.

There are many ways you can customize a platform, such as BigCommerce, to create a more functional, user-friendly online store that provides a memorable experience for your customers. Working with a developer such as Black Belt Commerce will make it far easier and quicker to identify the best options for your individual enterprise, speeding your growth and boosting your profits.

Personalization can also extend to your marketing efforts, for example, sending out emails with special offers to customers on their birthdays or other special occasions, or making suggestions based on their past purchases and browsing history. The more you can treat your customers like human beings and less like bytes of data; the more memorable their experience of your enterprise will be.

Tell A Compelling Story

One of the most powerful ways to connect with your customers and improve their experience is to make use of storytelling. Turning the message of your company into a well-constructed, engaging and character-driven story can increase clarity about your vision, mission and values, and lingers in the minds of your customers for far longer.

Studies show that 90 percent of a decision to make a purchase is based on the subconscious feelings and emotions a person has towards a particular brand. If you can strengthen the emotional bond between your company and your customers, you will significantly boost sales and retention. The key is to find a tell a story that resonates and educates your target audience by embodying the challenges they themselves may have faced.