Also referred to as an executive portrait or professional portrait, a business portrait or headshot is similar to a typical portrait, but instead of it sitting on your mantel, you use it for your business. There are lots of uses for your business headshots, including putting it on a corporate website, on business cards, in advertising brochures and magazines, and social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If you do press releases, corporate headshots could also be incorporated to give your press releases a personal touch and brand relevance. There are professional photographers in Denver such as Kelly Weaver Photography who have specialized in corporate headshots to help their clients amplify their brands both online and offline.

There are many benefits of having a professional headshot taken. Some of these benefits include:

Amplifies Your Resume and Brand

The line between private life and work life is gradually fading, and clients are looking for potential service providers anywhere. They can look for you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other places. What this means is that every image of you that you post out there can either boost your reputation or give it a thumb down. A business headshot gives your profile a visual boost making it highly likely that clients will consider you.

Creates an Impressive First Touch

Presenting your business through social media, printed materials, or a website requires you to have a well-done headshot. Denver clients, just like any other, look for first impressions. If the client finds that your materials do not have the energy and impact it takes to move their business to the next level, you can be assured that they won’t even consider you. Take for instance a corporate headshot on a billboard somewhere on a busy highway. Irrespective of any other that may be around it, your business will stand out from the rest, and your customer will quickly identify with your company.

Reinforces Professionalism and Quality

A skillfully crafted business headshot establishes the credibility, identity, and competence of your company. Whenever you forge meaningful relationships with the people you do business with, your business prospers. Corporate portraits entrench a sense of trust, knowledge, and familiarity. In short, businesses that have invested in good corporate photography enjoy a human identity which dramatically lifts their reputation.

Tips to a Great Business Headshot

Having seen what a business headshot can do, it is now up to you to decide when, where, and from whom you will get your corporate photos in Denver. Even as you contemplate on that, below are some tips to start you off.

  • Always use professional corporate photographers. Not every photographer in Denver is good at business headshots. There are those who have specialized in this niche and can give you excellent
  • Get a good background for your photo. Look for mid-tone colors such as blue, brown, or green. You should avoid colors that approximate your flesh at all costs.
  • The colors you choose both for the background and clothing should match your brand.

Your portfolio should contain a professional photo of yourself or your team as this can be an excellent marketing tool, especially on your website.