If you’ve just set up a new business, congratulations! Being your own boss and developing a business strategy that works in your market is a great achievement and one that many people can only dream of ever doing. Your next major milestone, though, is getting customers –and that’s where these marketing strategies for startups can come into play.

In-person Marketing 

When it comes to getting new customers, often the tried and tested methods of years gone by are the best. But if you’re going to move away from the new-fangled methods of the modern world and go back in time a little, what exactly will you be doing? One of the best old-fashioned marketing methods of this genre involves physical, person-to-person contact. This sort of method is often used in shopping malls and in other areas where consumers often congregate, and it’s a great way to build your customer base using simple psychological techniques.

After all, there’s no substitute for a smile and a handshake or the range of facial expressions and other bodily cues that only an in-person interaction can facilitate. Using the VersaChalk brand of chalkboard materials, meanwhile, works well if you have a hospitality business that would benefit from an outdoor sign – and if you’re wondering where to buy chalk, it’s pretty easy to find sources online.

Direct Mail 

Another marketing method from years gone by is the humble direct letter. By sending a semi-personalized note through the mail to potential customers, you can quickly build brand engagement and deliver your key marketing messages in an efficient fashion. If you’re a local startup catering to a specific geographical area, meanwhile, this is an especially good marketing method that may be able to provide you with the new customer base you need to gain momentum.

Although the world of email marketing has now trumped direct mail somewhat, there is still clearly a demand for this kind of mail. In fact, the age of email may even mean that direct mail marketing is now experiencing a resurgence, and there’s evidence that some consumers see it as something a little bit different compared to the deluge of marketing emails they receive every day in their inbox.

Online Marketing

When it comes to using the internet to get customers, there’s a whole range of options available to you. One of the most common online marketing options out there at the moment is email, and it’s often advised that companies looking to carry out online marketing start here. Building an email list is known as a good way to build a customer base because it’s repeatable and systematic. Many startups choose to give out something, such as a sample or an informational product like an ebook, for free in return for the consumer providing his or her email address. Once a company has established a mailing list, they can then send out further emails to a group of people who they know are interested in what they have to offer.

But the world of the internet is huge, and that means there are plenty of other ways to get your message out there if you’re a startup looking to market your business. Many brands, for example, are making good use of social media to spread their marketing messages. Using organic methods, such as setting up groups, is one way to do it, and this has the distinct advantage of being free of charge –at least if you do it in-house rather than hiring a specialist.

Another way is to opt for paid advertising.Sites like Facebook allow brands to target their message to very specific groups of consumers, which means that you can speak to your target group with ease. And with search engine advertising offering the chance to spread your message to those using Google, Bing and other similar services, you can target your message’s delivery right down to the individual search terms.

Spreading your message is essential if you’re a new business. However, it’s much easier said than done –especially if you’re a new entrepreneur without much experience in the field. In essence, you’ll need to decide whether you want to opt for traditional marketing methods like chalk boards, in-person meetings and direct mail or a more modern tactic like paid search engine or social media advertising. Once you’ve got your strategy in place, there are plenty of specific marketing channels you can then choose from –so why not get started today?