Today’s world is a digital one. Taking a look around any area of life will show you just how true this is; mobile devices rule the space in public transport systems; businesses offer apps to push customer engagements; e-mail campaigns send us codes to use through online platforms. No matter where we turn or how we go about it, we come into contact with some form of digital business and marketing on not only a daily basis, but almost an hourly one.

This is why SEO Glasgow is so important to business’ today. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the act of pushing a domain or specific page within that domain up the rankings for a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for a specific keyword. A keyword is a word or collection of words that a user will enter into a search engine to return relevant results based on that keyword. Such as example, one that Google uses through much of it’s documentation, is “Womens hats”. Were I to be undertaking SEO for a page for that keyword, I aim to push it to position number 1 for the Google SERP for “womens hats”.

So how exactly do we go about doing this? There are several aspects to a successful SEO glasgow digital marketing strategy, but in this article we will look at two of the easiest to complete: link building and content optimisation.

Understanding SEO Services - Their Role In Business

Link Building For SEO Glasgow

Link building is exactly what it sounds like – the creation of links from trusted domains back to the domain or page to be optimised. In terms of SEO, a link is essentially a stamp of approval. When it comes from a trusted or “high authority domain”, some of that trust is passed onto the target domain. By collating a number of these links, a domain or page can be pushed higher up the SERP for an intended keyword.

It’s not simply just making sure that the domain is high authority however. The domain that the link comes from should be in a related field. A link from a sports website, for example, is not that relevant to a literary website and as such, won’t be viewed as highly. When trying to push a page on business up the rankings, ensure that the links come from business-related websites.

The actual page content is also the same. It’s entirely possible to have subcategories within certain domains. If I am undertaking SEO Glasgow for a company that delivers business training, but I get a link from a website in an article focused on the wrong kind of training, this too won’t deliver as much weight as if I have a link from an article on the same kind of training.

SEO Glasgow Page Content

Similar to the second half of the link building section, the actual onsite/onpage content matters for SEO services purposes too. My target keyword or keywords must be presence on the page that I wish to optimise. If the content lacks the keyword, Google has no way to know that this page is relevant to whatever I am trying to optimise for.

Some of the parameters that need to have the keyword included are the following:

  • Page Title.¬†The page title is a short description that lets Google know the general theme of the page.
  • Meta description. A longer description intended for human consumption.
  • H2’s. Header 2’s separate different sections of onpage content and allow for structuring of information.
  • Image Alt Tags.¬†An image alt tag lets Google know what the image is about, as Google cannot read images.
  • Body content. The actual main body content itself should also contain a certain amount of the target keyword.

There are other parameters to be looking for, but I’m not going to take away the fun of trying to find out what they are. A little reading and a little experimentation is all that is needed for you to figure these out on your own.