Toronto is one of the best places for those, who are interested in fashion. There, in 1999, was even founded a non-government, not-for-profit organization, called “the Fashion Design Council of Canada” (FDCC). Their main goal is to cultivate the Canadian fashion market on national and international level, as well as to introduce the foreign designers to local Canadian markets. The organization aims to connect designers, sponsors, media, buyers and industry.

Toronto is the home to many people of different nationalities because the large part of the population are immigrants. The style of Toronto inhabitants is filled with freshness. Thanks to their variegated images, they do not look like Europeans or Americans. They have their own distinctive style. If we talk about the color palette, preferred by fashionable people in Toronto, then you can forget about acid and garish colors – the favorites are simple, and often restrained colors (black, white, all shades of gray, vinous, lilac, pastel). The brands of American, European and of course, the Canadian designers are popular in Toronto. The varied scarves and stoles sometimes appear in the role of an indispensable wardrobe item. No less popular in Toronto is another trend – the multilayered dress, which is accounted not only for fashion, but also for the climatic conditions. Due to cool and humid climate, you will not see shortened tops and mini-shorts on Canadians, as clipped T-shirts and boyfriend’s jeans are worn together with an overcoat, flung over their shoulders in a perfunctory manner.

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The Fashion District

Toronto: A Guide For Trendies

The intersection around the King Street and the Spadina Avenue, in Downtown Toronto, is called ‘The Fashion District’.  The area is known for having stores that sell clothes straight from the manufacturers.

Today, the name of this District could be misleading for the tourists. Once it was the center of Toronto’s textile industry. Then, one day, the place became too expensive for the owners and they moved to other districts of the city. Nevertheless, these days the area is still having enough diverse restaurants and clothing stores to make this section of Toronto Downtown worth visiting. On the west part of the avenue, still left the remains of the textile industry: you would see many fabric shops there.

Today, many of the former garment warehouses turned into clothing outlets. The other parts of their territory became the artists’ galleries and studios, publishers’, tech design and software offices, condos and lofts. There you would definitely meet lots of musicians, artists, designers and students.

Toronto Fashion Week

Toronto: A Guide For Trendies

This event, also known as “World MasterCard Fashion Week”, or, in abbreviated form, “WMCFW”, is a fashion week held in Toronto two times a year. It was founded by the Fashion Design Council of Canada. In 2016, the Toronto Fashion Week was cancelled, as it was not being able to secure enough local support. In spite of it, the even took place in March 2017 once again! Over a period of March, the fall and winter collections are shown, the spring and summer collections are shown during October.

It is the largest fashion event, taking place in Canada, and the second largest fashion week in North America (after New York City). As the name of the event has changed, due to contractual promise, given to the sponsors, the event is usually called simply, “Toronto Fashion Week”. This is a great occasion, where you can meet the fashion pundits from all over the country.

The Stop Night Market

This feat for the eye, soul and belly, takes place each June since 2002 in Toronto! Two days of music, delicious food, interesting performances and designer things would be remembered for a long time. More than 35 designers attend the event every year. Many guides call The Stop Night Market the best summer party in the city. Moreover, all this is happening in the open air and in a great company!

Toronto Eaton Centre

Toronto: A Guide For Trendies

It is the largest mall in Toronto. Almost all Canadian and American brands are located under one roof in the order, convenient for the buyers – from scarves that are saving from icy “wind chill” to high-quality photo equipment.

In the beginning, this place was a small Eaton family supermarket. The demand was gradually growing, and with it grew the construction projects. In the 70-ies of the XX century, this major store, in the business center of the city, grew up, in a couple of decades, in the current Toronto Eaton Center. Within the walls of this huge building, you can find the following famous brands: Guess, Roots, Michael Cors, Victoria’s Secret, Wolves, Brian Bailey, Comrags and some others. On the lowest floor, there is a convenient food court. You can choose a café, according to your favorite culinary traditions, or to try something new. For example, Greek, Thai or Indian cuisine.

There is a little shortcoming of the Toronto Eaton Center- it is crowded. The place is very popular both with the tourists and with the Canadians. Especially many visitors at the shopping center are received in the “boxing day” – a hot time, when in a couple of days the goods are sold at huge discounts (up to 70%).

You can spend the whole day walking along the rows of boutiques. Coming here for a couple of hours is almost meaningless, unless you have for sure decided what you are going to buy. However, any visit to the center will be beneficial, as the prices are quite acceptable. Conducting a purchase in Toronto Eaton Center, you can feel “a little Canadian”, as hundreds of locals come here to buy gifts for Christmas or to renew their wardrobe. You can even feel the local colour of the city at this place.