Social media – we all know what it means, and we can all see how big an impact it has made in the past ten years or so, yet still many of us are confused about its true advantages and, if any, what benefits there are for the entrepreneur who wants to grow his or her business. After all, it seems to have a steep learning curve, and measuring the result of any marketing campaign is not always straightforward.

However, there are indeed many positive points when it comes to this relatively new form of communication, and a well-executed social media marketing campaign could indeed deliver incredible results in a very short time. Here’s a look at the top social media sites you should take advantage of as a business.


It’s hard to imagine that Facebook started only 13-odd years ago as a medium for college students. Now half the world is using it, and once your page is created, practically anyone can visit it, and you can reach a great audience with your posts. The company also helps you with very targeted and cost-effective ads to reach the demographic you’re looking for.


This wonderful medium is often described as the SMS of the Internet, as it allows you to send a message out to the world with a limit of 140 characters; you have to keep it short and sweet, or concise and bold. It’s been used in politics to great effect, and there’s no reason your business can’t avail of it, too. Get people talking about you!


Every minute there are more than 48 hours of video uploaded, which makes it a truly wonderful way of sharing your experience, your message, your creative ideas, your recipes, and so much more. Bear in mind that YouTube in conjunction with other media (links via Facebook or Twitter, for example, to the YouTube video) can have an enormous impact, as any good social media marketing agency will tell you.


It’s all about pictures, so if your products are visually attractive, make sure to post them there.


If you want to get in touch with other business sites that you can deal with, this B2B social networking site is the one to go for.

Of course, there are many other sites and social media platforms that you can use to your benefit – think of Google+ which ensures your Google rankings are bound to increase, or Ryze, which seems to be developed especially for entrepreneurs. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, but each one can be exploited; each one has the potential to deliver great results if you understand how to use them well.