People used to travel abroad to earn more money. For example, more than a half of migrant workers in Switzerland earn about 100 000 USD per year. Of course, the figures are impressive. What a good motive to think of emigration. Statistics says that about 41% of citizens move to another country because of their own career. Why not? This is a great opportunity to get more money than they could earn in the native country taking the same capacity. Where do people usually move to? The countries of the Northern Europe and Middle East are mostly preferable.

The experts say that everything mostly depends on the country economy and life satisfaction. Thus, people try to use their new opportunity to make big money, much bigger than they could earn in their native country. About 76% of emigrants in Luxembourg earn more than they used to get at home. Nevertheless, just about 23% of them spend their profit for their everyday expenses. So, they need more and more. Here is the list of TOP popular countries that are mostly attractive for labor migration.

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The high position is taken by Canada. Canada is famous of the stable language courses for emigrants and effective integrative measures. For example, as you know, there is a wide choice of language courses for emigrants. It’s because Canada is a country where you can easily get the residence permit. You can do that in different ways: ask for the political shelter, get married with locals or move to Canada according to the program of the professional emigration. More and more migrant workers come here every year.


The USA position is always very attractive for the migrant workers. This is still one of the most popular directions to move to. Nevertheless, the income level of the migrant workers is low. The country was highly evaluated because of the money transmission that emigrants used to send to their families. Thus, New York, Texas, California and Florida are the most attractive areas to find a job. Hire a car in Orlando and go to see the city attractions: Universal Park, Universal Studio, Adventure Island and others. Millions of tourists come to spend their money here. What a nice working platform it can be!


Germany takes the leading place in the emigrants’ list. It was an emigrant boom few years ago. The country is full of migrant workers from Africa, Middle East. The country government was often criticized because of its high loyalty to all working people. The most popular way to get the residence permit is become a student. The education in the local universities is free.


About 62% of the migrant workers are happy here. They earn enough money to send to their relatives. About 43% of emigrants in Singapore get a profit of more than 100 000 USD. Nevertheless, the life in the city is not cheap. You have to spend much money for your life needs.

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72% of migrant workers affirm that they earn a big money here. 33% of them are really happy because their salary is much bigger than they could earn in their native countries. What about the life needs? They are also high. Nevertheless, Norway is included in TOP 10 countries where the balance between work and personal life is always kept.


71% of migrant workers in UAE are happy from their profit. About 50% of them get the serious money. 16% of workers earns about 150 000 USD per year. Nevertheless, 67% of people complain about the high prices for housing rent. 27% of people affirm that the money they get is not enough to spend for different attractions, life needs only.


68% of migrant workers in Nigeria are sure that the money they earn are good. Every tenth migrant worker earns about 200 000 USD per year. 86% of people report that their profit is enough to bear their life needs. From the other hand, the life quality in Nigeria is low. Medicine, transport infrastructure, life safety leave something to be desired.

Saudi Arabia

70% of migrant workers earn serious money, bigger than they could get in their native country. 87% of people report that the money they get is absolutely enough to live comfortably. 22% report that their profit is much bigger than they really need. Nevertheless, the country is favorable earning good money but it is not attractive in the education quality.



About 70% of migrant workers are sure that they get serious money. 41% of them earn even more than they could dream. The country offers the favorable conditions for career development and work/life balance. 93% of people work for 42,9 hours per week. People in the other countries usually work for 44,3 hours per week.


70% of emigrants are absolutely satisfied of their profit. Nevertheless, the total sum is not big: 62% of workers earn about 50 000 USD per year. It is also worth saying that the most of the migrant workers come to Kuwait from India (22%) and Philippines (13%), where the year salary is much lower.


76% of migrant workers are absolutely satisfied from their year salary in Qatar. Every third worker earns about 100 000 USD per year. From the other hand, the price for housing rent is very high. So, the most of profit goes to cover the minimum life expenses.



77% of migrant workers are satisfied from their high profit. 44% of them get more money than they always wanted. 57% of workers get about 100 000 USD per year. 14% of them get about 200 000 USD. 17% of workers are worry about the high prices for housing rent. So, they are not satisfied with their financial position.


76% of working migrant are happy from where they are. Nevertheless, 23% of them cannot spend enough money for their everyday needs. They want to get more money. What about the life needs? The money is not enough to live happily to 66% of working migrants.