A good education is essential for a bright career as well as for good society building too. Nowadays, education is spreading across the globe in different streams such as science, mathematics, business, and arts etc. People always prefer to get admission in best educational institutions having a vast scope. Switzerland is one of those countries, which are an ideal location for studies due to a peaceful environment. Many world famous business schools are available there were scholars from the worldwide visit and gain knowledge. Zurich is the main educational hub of this country where the number of reputed business schools is very high. One can easily rent a car in Zurich to know about these schools personally. If you want information regarding the top 5 business schools, then here is the list:-

1)  IMD International Business School International Management Institute

Graduation ESADE MBA 2014

This is one of the modern institutions of business study where the highly qualified staff trains the students regarding latest techniques of business strategies.  Here they educate how a person evolves their business with new technology. They generally organize three kinds of programs i.e.:

  • Leadership development program
  • Business transformation program
  • Learning and development services

Along with this, here is also a corporate learning network, which introduces the experiences of experts. Multinational companies like Cisco, Accenture, and caterpillar are the members that you can join for a better and meaningful learning.

2)  César Ritz Colleges Switzerland Hotel Management School

Admission in Cesar Ritz College - Gees Consultants

For those who are looking for an international level school of hospitality management, this is the perfect one destination. Students from every continent visit there and get advanced knowledge of management. Both bachelors and masters degree is offered by the management of this business school. Reaching this destination is very easy from the airport. All you need is to rent a car in Zurich and they will take you to the destination. They have 3 lavishing campuses which are:

  • Le Bouveret
  • Lucerne
  • Brig

3)  Strathclyde MBA in Switzerland


For the purpose of master’s degree in business administration, this is an ideal place in Zurich. Here you can get an education of MBA on a part-time basis and they are expert in it since 1988. There is a Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network where staff, students, and alumni work together and derive new ideas. They can help you in following fields:

  • New business startup
  • Spin out company creation
  • Development of individual’s entrepreneurial skills

4)  Business School Lausanne

Drone on campus

The business school of Lausanne is a leading innovator in business education. For management purposes, they offer following plans:

  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • MBA
  • DBA
  • Executive and continuing education

Whether you are a student of existing businessman, they have study coerces for both purposes. Just rent a car in Zurich through a mobile application and head towards this school for getting information in detail.


5)  KV Zürich Business School Weiterbildung


This is a completely professional business school where the teachers mainly focus on the practical approach instead of boring theoretical work. You can rent a car in Zurich to approach for knowing the education courses regarding corporate training or public administration etc. they offer a total number of 13 courses in different fields of management.