It is a great perspective to be financially independent businessman. Nevertheless, the most of people are professional employees. They have no enough money for their own business. It is really surprising, but you can meet many foreigners, who are successful businessmen in Canada. It is not only about the big money and genius business ideas. Not at all! The country government gives an opportunity and competent support to all beginners, Canadians and foreigners.

The country government is interested in developing new forces and new ideas to make the breeding grounds for economic development. It opens new perspectives for locals and emigrants to live and work for the benefit of Canadians. What do you do on arrival? Of course, you should hire a car in Toronto and get to your place. Have you ever thought that rental car service is also good business? So, what are the greatest ideas to start business?

Child Using Laptop

Body Posture Glasses

The modern people are fond of gadgets. They spend lot of time in wrong position. As the result of this, they suffer from back pain, headache and eye problems. The kids and teenagers are under the risk because they grow and grow up. Is there an opportunity to better the situation? Canadian company Medical Wearable Solutions developed a kind of glasses to control body posture. They are called EyeForcer. The glasses make people to keep still as they are reading, playing games, using their laptops and computers.

EyeForcer is light weighted glasses without glass that are recommended to for everyday usage by kids from 3 years. Actually, EyeForcer looks like Google Glass. The gadget is equipped with special transducer unit to speak about the screen position, battery and Bluetooth-module. This technology controls the body position about the gadget you use.

EyeForcer is connected with special Android gadget to implement this function. If your kid is in wrong position, the glasses give a couple of messages and warning to check the position in few minutes. Otherwise, the game or other program will be out of connection.

Virtual Cycle Race

If you like cycling, you should not stay at home because of your business or bad weather. Virtual cycling from VeloReality takes you to the atmosphere of admirable landscapes and real adrenaline. Of course, if you used to go cycling in the fresh air in a good company, it will be quite difficult for you to start cycling at home. So, Canadian company VeloReality created special equipment that is able to make you go cycling with the help of HD video.

So, this is a great chance to connect your velo training machine to special program to have an opportunity to get positive emotions from cycling and nature around. One of the latest products from VeloReality is VRide Multi programming where you can take your cycle to special racing cabinet. To take part, it is enough to connect VeloReality hard drive with your bicycle and upload VRide Multi application with the map of Europe. Then, for additional fee, you can choose any of training distances, which is about 40 kilometers long for EUR 9,95. You may choose team competition or lonely ride in real-time mode.


Rental of Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen units are made more and more developed with the years. It helps people to cook different dishes without problems. So, women buy yogurt makers, fruit dryers and other equipment to catch progress. As a matter of fact, the most of modern gadgets are not in use very often. You have a great chance to gloss your kitchen and put it in order in Toronto. Try to rent what you need and give it back when you do not need it.

You can rent kitchen units in The Kitchen Library. It is situated in Toronto. This organization offers you to take wafer plate or other pot for rent. The main idea of the project is helping women to cook better without additional expenses. The unusual library is equipped with modern kitchen units that are too expensive to buy or used mostly for professional kitchen. The price for rent is $50 per year. You can take technic for 5 days. There is penalty at the rate of $1-$2, and $5 for professional kitchen technic.

Kitchen Equipment for Packing

Cafe with NO Internet

Choosing cafe or restaurant, we try to find free Wi-Fi access to drink coffee and chat with friends at the same time. It is very convenient. You have an opportunity to have lunch and watch the latest news or solve important questions. It is difficult to find cafe with no Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, internet can be the stumbling block for effective communication because people used to sit and use their gadgets instead of talking. You can also go to Vancouver to visit Faraday – one more special cafe with no internet.

The idea was created by artist Julian Thomas. The sense of it is creating public place for alive communication with no gadgets and devices. Faraday cafe looks like an ordinary cafe. It is interesting in its construction: metal box is predicted to block electromagnetic influence. It speaks about no internet access and mobile communication inside the cafe. In short, you get absolute relax and perfect place for hiding from the city noise and advanced technologies. Thus, Faraday cafe is the first cafe that decided to block signals to make visitors free from the internet technologies.

Family having lunch at restaurant

Of course, Faraday cafe is experimental variant. The experiment was successful. People want to spend time with their friends and family face-to-face without additional technologies. The problem of mass computerization is up to date now. It was offered for all visitors to write their own opinion about life with NO internet. What is your life without internet communication? The project is also interesting for using Faraday box to spread out the idea of making cafes and other establishments with NO gadgets.

In general, Faraday cafe project shows the effectiveness of building special places where people can forget about the outer world to be given to alive communication with NO internet.