Are you wondering “how to raise my credit score?” One thing that you need to realize is quick-fix methods are not the best option for doing that. In fact, in most cases, these are likely to backfire. According to the top credit repair companies, the best method for rebuilding credit is by managing it responsibly for a long period of time. In case you have never done that, you will need to follow steps that will help improve your credit score. Here are tips that will help you to achieve that.

Set reminders for making payments

One of the greatest contributors to your improved credit score is by making your credit payments on time. There are banks that offer payment reminders via their online banking portal. These will send text messages and emails to remind you when your payment is due. You may also enroll in automatic payments using credit cards, and loan providers so that payments will be automatically debited from the bank account.

Tips on How to Raise My Credit ScoreReduce your debt

This is never easy. However, when you reduce the amount that you owe, not only will be it be more satisfying but it also helps to improve your credit score. One thing that you need to stop doing is to use your credit card. You can make a list of all your accounts using a credit card before going online to check your recent statement, and determine the amount you owe for every account, and the interest that each of these is charging you. You will then need to create a plan for payment that will put most of your available budget into repaying the debt towards the card with the highest interest. This is even as you maintain the minimum payments on the other accounts.

Pay bills on time

Have delinquent payments even just for a few days and collections will have a huge negative impact on your FICO scores. If there are payments that you missed, you will need to remain current and fix it. The longer you are able to pay your bills on time after you have been late, the more your FICO score will increase. The older credit problems will not count much. This means that the poor credit performance will not haunt you for long. With the passing of time, the impact of the past credit issue will start to fade and the recent patterns of making good payments will start showing on the credit report.

This is on top of the fact that a good FICO score will outweigh positive information against credit issues that shows that you are managing your credit well. Bear in mind that paying off the collection account will not serve to remove it from the credit report. Instead, it will remain there for a period of 7 years.

Make sure that you maintain your balances low on the credit card. When your outstanding debt is high, this will negatively impact your credit score. Instead of moving your debt around, pay it off. In fact, if you owe the same amount, but have a fewer account open, this can help lower your score. A short term method of raising your score is by not closing your credit cards that remain unused. Avoid opening several new credit cards that are unnecessary as a way of increasing your credit. Such kind of approach can easily backfire, and may end up lowering your credit score.

If you are struggling financially, you should get in touch with the creditor or visit the best credit repair companies for help.  Remember this will not rebuild your credit immediately, and you will need to be patient.