Productivity seems to be a dying attribute with every type of distraction at our fingertips. With a click of an app, tv, or button on the www, we can have music, a date, a turkey sandwich, latest political drama, or any lost memory reenacted through the information highway. This makes us susceptible to not getting anything done and honestly having an addiction.  

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Are we all Addicted to Information?

What essentially is happening to pretty much all of us is that we are overloading our working memory by continually updating ourselves to the latest Trump Tweet, Angelina Jolie Rumor, or even just work email.  It is said that the average employee spends about 6 hours a day, just on email alone. We just cannot simply tear ourselves away from Facebook, or Twitter, or Wikipedia.

Naturally, just with the default of being a human, our brains constantly are yearning for anything new, immediate fulfilment, and anything that will activate the neurons. This simply keeps us in a cyclical battle with the constant information that is available anywhere we go in our lives.  

What this mainly says, is that we are exhausting our brains by overloading it with crap, which in turn does not allow us to transfer learning to long-term memory. We are draining our brain’s energy to basically transfer any input to the part of the brain that holds onto this information to have any ability to regurgitate it at a later date.

How to Stop the Madness

First, one needs to figure out what is interrupting the production or causing the distraction. Is it the internet, a favourite tv show, a video game, or a messenger with easy access to your best friends? Once the distraction is identified then it is obviously easier to find a solution or a compensatory strategy.

Blocking the Whole Problem

When dealing with distraction over the net, the answer might just be to shut down any and all access to the internet. There are apps out there that will restrict you from the net for a set period of time and some will not even let you back on the net till the time is over; even if you delete the app!

Social Media Hysteria

These apps allow you to block the social sites that cause you the most problems. There are many FB blockers out there as this one is a huge distraction for us all.

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Finding the Root of the Problem

Tracking your internet time and activity is a great way to see how you are utilizing your time on the net. This is a great tool to use in order to compare how much production you are able to achieve and what you actually surfed or did on the net. Once you get this information then you can apply an app to restrict the sites that are distracting you from getting anything done.

Monitoring Your Remote Employees

Remote employees have easy, easy access to a lot of information and essentially time wasting material. If you are running your own company it might be good to use an online time clock such as Futuramo Time Tracker 0r Clockspot.

This online monitoring software allows the employer to see who’s working when and where, know exactly when employees arrive and leave work, and eliminate buddy clocking by tracking their GPS, voice, or device all in real time.