They used to say, and I still say, ‘look your enemy in the eye’. Decide where, when, how and why he, she, it will attack, smooch, train, take a second look at ‘You’.

This is about the psychology of getting a job. Psychology and philosophical psychology are very interesting subjects and for employer and a prospective employee, in plain words, ‘what is he thinking’ is the game.

First, the firm won’t give you a job because they like you. They will only like you if you meet their criteria which is money and time. Can we get him down-cheap – how much time will it take to get my money out of her?
Pull your reigns in and take control!

Wait for your prospective employer to talk. What is his first sentence? Is she making excuses for her firm’s lack of employee quota? Does he feel compelled to hire you? Or, does she take the direct root and attack your experience, even if the job requirements have not been laid on the table? What is she thinking by asking if I have a family at home? He has my curriculum vitae, but it remains on the bottom of his stack of notes. Or, she has no notes in hand or on the desk. How many people are in the room? Is it a one-on-one interview? Or, is the firm present? This is the employer’s setup. How can you know what they’re up to? What do they want? How do you read it?

If you blurt out, you’re gone. If you cross your feet, you’ve hung yourself. If you repeat your resume you are adding to their bill. Again, pull in your reigns and take control. Ask them pertinent questions that strike their side of the case, not yours. If they want to get you cheap, mention your background that demands $. How do you demand money, simply, ‘I am $ for You, the Firm.’ You are the personality and leader they need for the $ they want. Your eye contact, demeanor confirms this to them, ‘You are the ONE’.

You can lay out all your experience to the last letter before their eyes, but, ‘Demeanor’ is the key. I can’t tell you how to comb your hair or what suit to wear or shoes to step out in to meet the firm, but you will know when you are in their midst, whether you are One Of Them.