Gone are the days when storytelling was referred as something elongated and time-consuming but ever since the digital transformation the meaning of the story has changed. With the continually increasing social networking accounts and latest feature updates, it has become easier to connect to the world. The recent ‘storytelling’ feature on our social platforms is helping business to spread their word in seconds. But to harness the power of this feature one need to be creative and extraordinary because everyone is telling a story 24/7. To be different marketers should give the reason to their followers to stop by them.

Mostly, marketers focus on creating an engaging post to share the updates but how about leaving a message with an attention-grabbing story update? The trending storytelling feature is now available on our social accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and even Whatsapp however it is not preferred to share the same story everywhere. You should plan your story according to social platform, for example, if you are leading an e-commerce business it is wise to use ‘Instagram Story Highlight’ feature. It not only allows to add photos but also gives the option to add URL links so you can direct your users to the website.

Whenever you craft a story, the purpose should be to create an impact and engage your audience with you. For this, there are many tactics to build a better craft, but the most common of them should never be miss. Let’s have a look:

Be Realistic:

Got a new product? Make an Announcement – everyone does the same. But how about telling your customer the benefits of the product or more realistic would be the example displaying ‘how to use the product.’ We always remember the product that has touched our lives as 90% of the consumers are not interested in the product unless they know it will favor them. Take your followers on the real journey by being smart in storytelling because when they will be interested; you probably grow more chances to be in the mainstream.

Don’t Miss the Emotional Element:

Whenever there’s a new story update popping up in our social accounts, our mind urges to see it. You can avail this urge by dropping emotions with your message. Share a story that evokes emotion and feelings; that people can relate and is a happening of daily life. It is a better way to gain reach and have a quick feedback from viewers.

Behind-the-Scene Moments:

A story shouldn’t always be about the exciting updates, product promotions, and happy customers. Sharing behind the scenes moments would turn fruitful for your brand as it shows authenticity and the obstacles you conquer to build the brand.

Know Your Audience:

You build a brand not for yourself but for the people and in order to nurture a relationship with them you should know what they look for in your product. It will help in crafting a better story specific for your audience; you can direct their needs with compelling storytelling.

For instance, if you know, the problems your customer are going through you can target the story addressing the solution. Therefore it’s crucial to look through customer’s eyes and walk in their shoes to let your story create an impact.

If you are using social media just to write posts it’s high time you should switch to storytelling.  There is a large audience on social media today, and on average they spend 3-4 hours online scrolling the news feed, searching for information, brands and the stuff of their interest. If you master the skill of storytelling, the consumer will likely to show more interest in your product, and you will reap its benefits.

What is your way of creating a story that leaves an impression? Let us know in the comments below:

Author Bio:

Momal Tahir is serving as a web designer at a web design company in Dubai. Having 5 years’ experience, she is known by her advanced skills in HTML, CSS, and bootstrap. Her skillset also varies in converting PSD to HTML. She enjoys reading books and writing articles in her leisure hours. Her niche for writing is social media and technology.