You can start business in any country of the world. How about Poland? Business in Poland is especially attractive because of the number of advantages. The economy of the most of countries is changeable. The economy of Poland is stable. Poland is an attractive business destination in Central Europe and a country that provides numerous possibilities for setting up new business ventures. Poland is also one of the countries that best dealt with the economic crisis, further proving its economic and governmental stability. Foreign investors who are looking towards starting a Polish business can also explore some small business options in Poland.

Gdańsk, Oct-2017

Food Business

Fast food, restaurant or food truck can be a good food business! If you want to bring something fresh to the average Polish customer, you may try. Foreign investors, who want to open a restaurant or cafe, can do so without restrictions but they will need to obtain special permits and licenses. Where to? You may start from the large cities and touristic cities. A food business here has the potential to attract both locals and tourists.

Consulting Services

This can include a wide range of options. By the way, the start-up costs for a consulting business are lower than for other types of business investments. Accountants in Poland can start their own business by opening a sole trader and providing their expertise in the field. Poland is modern country. Many business owners try to keep their own books but they will always prefer the competent help of an expert in taxation. So, you may try.

Fashion Store

If you are the creative entrepreneur, you can make business of fashion and clothing. If you want to own the small shop, you may sell handmade clothes and jewelry or casual dresses and personalized clothes, suited to the buyer’s taste. Accessories like handmade leather bags are also an option. How about the special Polish craft items: paper cut-outs, woodcarving, tapestries, embroidery, pottery, hand painted glassware, wooden boxes and chests?

Where to? If you are afraid of big cities, you may try something smaller by size but not less important for Poland economy. Whatever your shopping needs are, Rzeszow will be able to provide whatever you are looking for. Here you can find small boutiques selling Polish craft items or malls providing the latest high street fashions. You will be able to stock up on gifts for family and friends back home and still have a lot of zloty left in your pocket. If you don’t know the city yet, you may use Rzeszow airport car rental service to get the car and go to see the newest shopping opportunities.

Galeria Graffica

With a central location where the Rzeszowskie Printing Plant once stood, Galeria Graffica is a modern and sleek shopping center of glass and granite. With great shopping and a wide array of restaurants and cafes, it is an important meeting place for Rzeszow residents.

Westfield Shopping Centre

Online Shop

Entrepreneurs can also provide a wide range of products via an online shop. While this business can have lower costs, the entrepreneur will need to purchase a domain name in Poland and arrange for transportation services to the clients. Import activities will also need to be considered if the shop brings items from other countries into Poland.

Poland has a modern economy that is important for the EU economies. Innovative products and services are successful here. The situation is attractive for modern investors. They are really encouraged to look for new opportunities for development. The special economic zones are an important addition to the business friendly regime in Poland. Services, research and development and IT remain some of the most attractive fields for investments. Do you need examples? Why don’t you visit this prefect online collection divided into categories and subcategories?

Day Care Agency

You can be the agent between the client and worker, getting money from it. If the city is big, you have more chances to get good money. Of course, you can start your agency business by phone or rent the office. It is really easy to start and make the day care agency the source of income.


Furniture Repair and Restoration

This kind of business is good for those who want to use their talent and make money of it. It is not a big problem to find the furniture that needs reparation. All you need is special skills, instruments, modest apartments and much patience. The customer base seems to be very poor from the beginning. You should work on it.

Events Organizer

Of course, there are many tourists who want to see all the city attractions as fast as possible. So, they are always interested in excursions. You can easily help them for the good payment. Think about the complex excursions or travelling with kids. The income for this kind of business can be about 10-15%.

Fashion Shops for Teens

There are many youth subcultures in Poland. They all are very popular. All of them want to wear special and unusual clothes to express what they feel and what to say. Your business may be rather successful. Nevertheless, you should know what the youth really need. If the city is not big and the competition is hard, you may problems with your business development.

Internet Income

Of course, this kind of business is not good for all and everyone. You need to be skilled. Also, you need to have the start money and much patience. Your first income can be spent for new technic or programs. Nevertheless, you can earn good money and have much free time. For example, you can start your i-shop or search service, whatever.

Credit Cards and Cash

As you can understand, it is not difficult to start your business in Poland. You can easily start from a small shop or workshop but set the big goal for future. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are going to start. Poland gives you more opportunities that any other country. If you would like to know more about opportunities for investment in Poland or how to get your business started here, please provide your personal search and contact to the formation agents in Poland.