There are different ways to sell our business. Some of these methods are tried and tested, but others could be just a total waste of our time. Selling our business is often about preparation and good presentation. Regardless of our preparation, we should know how to actually sell our business effectively. In general, our business should be acquisition-ready, so it would be much easier and faster to transfer the ownership. If our business isn’t ready to be sold, we may need to face a drawn-out and long process. Also, our business premises should look desirable, professional and presentable. Some people may try to sell half-neglected businesses, due to a number of reasons. This condition will put any buyer off, the moment they see the company. We should also know about the proper business valuation of our company. We won’t be able to quickly sell our business, if investors think that the business is worth much less than the offered pricing. If we are too greedy, investors will immediately sense that. On the other hand, if we sell the business at very low price, we may miss a lot of financial possibilities.

 Another important step is to focus on our advantages and strengths. This could depend on our niche and strengths. We should have a clear idea of where our business is standing in the marketplace. We should have proper unique sale proposition and if our business is both interesting and unique, it is likely that we will attract many investors. Regardless of the type of our business, we should try to hone our strengths. One good way to quickly sell our business is to use a broker and these professionals are able to help us in many different ways. They could start by valuing our business to determine whether we have implemented proper pricing. Good brokers have good ways to determine the value of a business. So, by spending a few extra bucks, it should be much easier and faster for us to sell our business. It’s also a good thing to advertise on online directories. Many directories are free, but it could also mean that we will compete with many other business sellers.

Paid directories have higher quality and it is likely that they will be visited by qualified investors. Even if we focus on online advertising, it is still effective to advertise in printed publications, including magazines and newspapers. It would be foolish to neglect these options, although we may think that printed publications are outdated. For a few dollars, we could put an advert here and another there. These simple efforts will allow us to sell our business more quickly. Word of mouth is also important and it shouldn’t do us no harm, if we honestly tell people about our intention. It can be quite surprising how fast word of mouth could travel. It is also a good thing to meet all prospective buyers and we will determine whether they have solid interest. Negotiation may take place quickly and the acquisition process could proceed immediately.