Caring for electronic machinery does not involve complicated techniques. Printers and photocopiers are machines that need to be taken care of the right way for them to last a long time without breaking down unexpectedly. Maintaining their good running condition is paramount in ensuring that they will always produce the best results.

Printers and copiers used in offices are subject to multiple users each day, and not everyone is as considerate in keeping the machines clean. But there are some methods you can use and make everyone else in the office adopt so that your printers and copiers are always in optimum condition.

Use a Glass Cleaner and a Non-Abrasive Cloth for Wiping Glass Tops

Most copiers and some printers have glass tops, and they can get dull over time. Spray glass cleaner on a soft and non-abrasive cloth to wipe the glass surface to get rid of any dirt, debris and finger prints.

Remove Staples and Metallic Objects

When copying multiple documents, remove staples, paperclips and other metallic objects before placing the documents on top of the glass to prevent scratches on the surface.

Do Not Let Dust and Dirt Accumulate

Experts in printer leasing in Oxford advise that the internal mechanism of a printer or copier can be penetrated by dust, so make sure to open the machine once in a while to remove any dust. Excessive dust can cause damage, and some companies do not include damages caused by neglect in their service warranty. Paper particles can also jam a machine, so check if there are any inside the printer or copier.

Use Only Appropriate Cleaning Tools

A fine brush can be used to dust both the external and internal parts of a printer or copier. Check out your machine’s manual for the right cleaning tools that you can use to avoid further damage to the machine.

Do Not Forget to Unplug First

When cleaning, make sure that the machine is unplugged. This is to prevent you from getting electrocuted, especially if you are cleaning the internal components of the machine. This will prevent any harm on your part and damage on the part of the machine.

Load Paper Correctly

Paper jams are the most common issue encountered with printers and copiers. Knowing how to load paper into them correctly will prevent this problem from occurring. When a piece of paper gets jammed, get it out at once to avoid getting more paper stuck.

Just like any other office equipment, printers and copiers both need constant TLC if you want them to work correctly every time. Not taking proper care of them will result in more expense on your part, from getting them fixed by a professional technician to incurring charges from the lessor that leases your office equipment.