Birds, in small numbers are often a pleasant sight, but when your premises suffers from an increase in the number of birds perching or roosting on its roof, window sills or in the eaves you don’t have to tolerate the inherent mess and noise that they bring. No matter what the size of an infestation, there are effective solutions at hand through professional bird control specialists like Apex Environmental Services.

Please do not try DIY bird control methods which may prove costly and yield little success. Professionals have the training, experience and tools to deliver effective and long-term results. They also appreciate the health and safety risks presented by a bird infestation and the measures required to meet all legislative demands.

For example, did you know that all wild bird species, their nests and eggs are protected under UK law? A specialist bird control company understands this and that there are varying levels of protection offered dependant on species.

The acceptable reasons for bird control are restricted to the following by the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 under General Licence:

  • To preserve public health and /or safety.
  • To preserve air safety.
  • To prevent serious damage or spread of disease.
  • To conserve wild birds.

Anti-bird netting, mesh, spikes, bird scarers and hawking are viable and humane measures which your bird control specialist will consider.

Hawking has proved highly effective as a natural solution.

The bird of prey programme offered by Apex Environmental Services ensures that the hawks do not attack the birds, so hawking is non-aggressive.  They are flown to scare the birds.

As birds are understandably protective of their nests, eggs and their offspring it delivers excellent results when a risk is introduced which affects their comfort and brings out their survival instinct. Birds appreciate that a hawk, a predatory bird, could attack them.  Seeing a hawk flying in the area is enough to convince them that a resident threat exists, and they move on to a safe spot, away from the hawk and its flight path.

Hawking treatments are ongoing and are randomly timed so that the birds do not become accustomed to the “threat” and desensitise.  The frequency of flights and the flight plan is constantly assessed to manage the issue efficiently and comprehensively.

Occasionally, the lack of any attack on a nest or colony can mean that birds return to an area because they consider that the risk is not severe. In these instances, professionally approved and environmentally friendly egg and nest removal programmes, bird scarers, pyrotechnics and flying kites can be used.

Bio acoustics replicate the birds distress calls and plays them back digitally. They are a powerful warning which encourages the bird infestation to fly off and find a new place to roost. Hawking and bio acoustics are often combined for the best results.

Contact renowned bird control service providers Apex Environmental Services to learn more. Their team operates in Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Avon, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Resolve a bird infestation issue of any size with their assistance.