It is vital that you brand your business and to make it in 2017, your business should be both seen and heard. Branding your business can start with something as small as a mug design.

MS Mugs have been printing mugs for over 40 years and they said that there is more to corporate mugs than what meets the eye.

Whether your vice is a morning coffee or an afternoon cup of earl grey, printed mugs could be the shot of energy which your business needs.

Don’t Be A Mug: Check The Statistics!

Statistics are showing that corporate mugs have serious brand power. Studies have shown that 88% of people said they had at least one promotional product on their desk.

64% of those survived also said it made them feel appreciated by the supplier – great news for employers!

Mugs are also great for branding as over half of those asked said that “it kept the brand front of mind for 61.1% and, after six months, 94.1% said they didn’t forget the brand being advertised”.

How To Design Your Company's Printed Mugs

Mug Design: MS Mugs

Does your business have its very own printed mug?

A mug will last way longer than a pen will and it is something which we can have placed on our desk every day.

A focus group was asked what the secret behind mugs success is its value for money and regular use. 97.7% of those asked didn’t consider them a waste of money.

Experts in corporate mug design, McLaggan Smith Mugs has been established for over 42 years. The business was started by an entrepreneur, Wally Smith in his home’s garage in Helensburgh, Scotland.

This brand may have started from humble beginnings, but the family now own and operate from a factory unit in Jamestown, West of Scotland. The demand for printed mugs has only increased in recent years and the brand work with clients that include John Lewis.

Ordering Printed Mugs

The process is simple, once you have your design ready, you can contact your mug supplier. All of MS Mugs ceramic designs are printed, hand applied and fired onto the mug you choose, in their Scottish factory.

MS Mugs offer a unique service for organisations across the UK and cater for museums, galleries, illustrators and small brands and corporate businesses.

How To Design Your Company's Printed Mugs

Mug Design Specifications

MS Mugs recommend that any artwork which is supplied should be 600 dpi. Keep in mind that this mug supplier uses an authentic method of screen printing and it is not always possible to reproduce exact same colour references. The colours will be matched as closely as possible before the design is printed.

Mugs Made in Britain can be sourced upon request. The prices of MS Mugs will vary depending on the artwork and colours which are used and the size and quantity of printed mugs that are required.

MS Mugs usually apply an economy of scale to their sales and the more mugs which you order, the lower the price per mug. If you are using an extreme amount of colour in your design, the more colours you use, the higher the price will be.