Whatever your company sells, whatever service you provide, whatever philosophy or ideology you take as a governing principle, one thing is clear: to be successful, you need the best employees possible. Job fairs can be stressful, hectic events. Your display is nothing less than the first impression you will make on several prospective individuals, and yet, it will often be met with indifference, and many interactions will seem casual. If, however, you follow these four basic steps, future employees will flock to apply.

1. Dress for Success

Prepare Your Job Fair Booth In 4 Easy Steps

Personal interaction is key. It will help prospective employees remember not only you, but your company. A company is nothing but a network of people. Without these people, everything collapses. Let the job fair goers know who they will be working with, and the kind of personality they can expect from their future workplace. The use of name tags will allow you to introduce yourself and shake a hand. At the end of the day, that may be the most important aspect of your job fair booth.

2. Give your future employees something to remember you by

Prepare Your Job Fair Booth In 4 Easy Steps

People seeking employment at job fairs will view dozens of booths before they return home. It will be difficult for them to remember more than a handful of companies with which they connected. Give them something to take home with your company’s contact information, and a reminder of who you are. At its most basic form, this is a business card. But why not stand out? Pens are useful, and so are engaging stickers, but why not something more creative? Custom license plate frames, T-shirts, or even just a business card will help your prospects remember you and not your competition. Something sweet to suck on wouldn’t hurt either.

3. Make sure your display reflects your company

What kind of employees are you seeking? Are they bright, energetic college graduates? Are they experienced professionals? Do you have a laid-back vibe? Reflect that in your booth’s display. Don’t use calm and subtle earth tones if you’re hoping to attract a vibrant base. Avoid neon if you’re looking for calm and responsible workers.

4. Be prepared to give and receive information

While many at job fairs hope to be contacted by future employees at a later date, don’t sit around and hope for this outcome. Make sure you have the means to take down their contact info and resume on site. Have adequate pens, data sheets, or computers at hand, or you will miss out on some of the brightest talent.

Prepare Your Job Fair Booth In 4 Easy Steps

It’s not about the number of applicants you receive, but who they are. With strategic planning and solid execution, you can maximize the quality and quantity of great recruits. If you follow these four easy steps, you are sure to attract the best possible individuals and ensure the success of your business.