Crop insurance is offered to farmers so as to help protect them from financial losses as a result of the loss of their crops. Typically crop insurance policies are known as multi peril crop insurance (MPCI). According to Deloitte, this types of farm insurance, “provides coverage against a range of perils that affect crop production within a single policy. It covers perils currently excluded from other named peril insurance, including drought, excess rainfall, wind, and wildlife damage.”

Crop insurance is an important purchase for farmers to consider because it can protect them against financially devastating losses in the event of disaster. According to research conducted by the National Rural Advisory Council, “Australian farmers face many challenges, including those posed by variable climatic and market conditions. With climate projections suggesting more frequent extreme weather events, it is reasonable to expect that farmers will increasingly seek to understand, develop and adopt risk management strategies to manage uncertainty, spread risk and maintain business viability. In addition to their current management strategies for production and market risk, Australian farmers may look to agricultural insurance to cover weather-related production risks.”

This means that if you are a farmer, you should strongly consider purchasing crop insurance so as to protect yourself and your income. Farmers without crop insurance face shockingly large financial losses and may even have to declare bankruptcy. This can be an extremely difficult financial position to reverse. However, purchasing crop insurance can help protect you from these losses. In the event of the loss of your crop, your crop insurance policy can cover any financial losses you incur as a result of it.

Choose an Australian farm insurance broker who understand those who are in the agricultural production industry. They should offer custom solutions to farmers so as to ensure that they can purchase the best possible crop insurance product. They offer policies related to forestry, horticulture, broadacre crops, orchards, and viticulture. An insurance broker can help explain the different policies available and the benefits each policy has to offer, and then farmers can select the insurance options that best meet their individual needs. MGA is a high quality option for Australian farmers who are looking to purchase crop insurance so as to protect themselves in the event of disaster.