Kenya is a place of uneven, broken, bumpy and a tricky landscape. The country is among the underdeveloped one do not have a poor traffic system. Due to a huge population, people drive bumper to bumper in improper lanes that double the hurdles in driving.  Though when it comes to rules and regulations, they are the same general rules that exist in other leading states.

Fastening of seat belts is imperative, licenses possession of the car is compulsory, driving license, documentation, and insurance are some of the clauses in their rule book that most of the Kenyans do follow. But the lack of infrastructure and poor road condition makes it harder to drive through the routes. Mostly Kenyans use a bicycle to travel around the city. Due to heavy traffic, a bicycle comes as a saving grace. However, apart from all the solutions they create to overcome the problem, some of the common challenges that Kenyans faces on the roads of Kenya are described below: Keep reading!

The Poor Condition of Roads

Most of the roads in Kenya are not in good condition and those who belong to the main city of Nairobi. The region has many factories and industries. The products are transported every other hour from one place to another. Due to heavy transportation, it becomes difficult to deliver products and it damages the roads too. The roads have too many bumps and steep slopes that make the drive full of jerks and brakes. Due to the uneven roads, the traffic is always at its peak in Kenya. Even a small drive gets prolonged for hours.

Careless Driving

One of the major problems existed in Kenya is drunk driving. The people there have a habit of driving while drinking. Now think about it a person cannot even walk straight getting a bottle down so could he or she be able to drive a car on such a bumpy road. Drives end up hitting the cars on the road or killing the people. Such hideous crimes exist in Kenya, which makes the place so unsafe for the drivers.

Poor Condition of Vehicles

Along with having a poor road condition the vehicles in Kenya have a really worst maintenance condition. Frequent brake fails, poor alignment due to bumpy roads, and extraordinary fuel consumption is common issues existing in the cars. The vehicles that have poor maintenance show high-risk of accidents unlike Japanese used cars Kenya where cars are maintained timely. Now if the driver is drunk, the road is broken and the car is also not in a good condition, it is impossible to survive the challenging drive around Kenya.

Crime Rates

One of the major factor that makes traveling in Kenya a trouble is crime rate. People always feel anxious about coming out of their houses and to travel around the town because of the fear of getting robbed. There are gangs who work for their leaders and do all such crimes. The government is trying to take strict action but lack the proper skills and abilities.

Other issues that exist in the region is fuel charges. Kenyans face trouble in refueling their tanks as the prices always go sky shooting. However, the main solution to all such problems is to have a Japanese car. The Japanese cars from Japan car auction website are eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. They provide smooth drive even on uneven roads.  You do not have to spend much money to enjoy a comfortable ride. Simply count on Japan.