“Money Beyond Belief” is a great combination between the Law of Attraction and Modern Psychology techniques such as EFT. It is perfect for people, who are aware of the Law of Attraction and have been trying to make it work, but have found it hard to stick to the positive image of what they want and somehow always seem to be kept back by their limiting beliefs.

So are you like Lucia, a businesswoman in her 30s looking to get ahead in her career and life? She is dealing with wanting more from her life, but somehow being unable to make progress. It seems that she is being held down by some kind of limiting beliefs.

Or maybe you are more like Brian, an young man, who has many dreams about the better things in life – cars, mansions, vacations? He is trying to solve having seen the movie “The Secret” and becoming excited with the Law of Attraction concept, but just not being able to make it happen for himself. Now he has almost given up on the whole idea.

If so, Money Beyond Belief could be helpful in solving your problems and helping you get the famous Law of Attraction work for you.

Here is a complete breakdown of the seven modules of the Money Beyond Belief system:

  • This program includes two teleconference calls, which outline the EFT method. In them the authors guide you through the whole process of tapping on special points of your body, which will magically help you to eliminate any limiting beliefs regarding money, which you might have.
  • Besides the two teleconference call recordings, there are also several bonuses. Among them are two tapping sessions. One of them, the “Tapping into Abundance” is once again dedicated to dealing away with your limiting beliefs regarding money. The other one is designed to help you generate excellent health for yourself and is called “Tapping into Vibrant Health.”
  • The program also features a special bonus session of guided meditation. In less than 12 minutes this session takes you through the necessary steps to relax and guide yourself to abundance in a deep relaxed state, in which you get in touch with your subconscious mind.
  • In the end, there are two e-books, one from each of the authors. Brad Yates provides a collection of articles, which he promises will inspire you to lift your life to another level, and I definitely agree with him, having read his e-book. Finally, to top it off, anyone who purchases the book gets the e-book “7 Lost Secrets of Success,” in which Dr. Joe Vitale reveals sever master marketing techniques, which might as well be worth the price of the whole program.

So is this program worth it? Well, you have to check for yourself and compare it to other programs. Having listened to and read to the elements of this program, I must say that it is definitely worth the asking price. But you have to compare it to some other programs as well.