Starting out as a small business can seem extremely daunting. With so many things to keep in mind, packaging your products should be simple.

It is important that before your website is launched that your business has a solid packaging strategy. This is vital as it will not only cut costs in the long term, but your business will more efficient when it comes to shipping and storage.

Packaging and Perception

If you are reading this article, then you can obviously use the internet fairly well and the chances are you have, in the past, ordered an item via an e-commerce platform. E-commerce has changed the way we purchase.

Firstly we will order online, wait patiently for our package to arrive and then once we open it, half of the time it is either broken or faulty due to poor protective packaging. From the customer’s point of view, this is a significant inconvenience and they may be put off to buy from your business again.

The Start Up Packaging Guide: Box, Fill, Send

Chances are, you will have encountered faulty items from online, as you have probably been told about it by a friend or family member. Studies show that a dissatisfied customer will tell 9-15 people about their experience, probably the main reason why you should get your packaging strategy right.

Boxing and Brand

Getting your packaging strategy right means that you will have certain factors that you must take into account.

  • Does the box protect my goods from harm and degradation?
  • Does the package look profession and will the customer appreciate its attention to detail?
  • Does the box have all of the instructions and the information that will assist the customer to use the product?

Big Brown Box say that “There has been a massive incline in e-commerce over the past five years or so. This means that online businesses are shipping more items than ever before.” With so much competition out there it is important that you have an efficient packaging plan in place.

Heavy Duty Packing Boxes

The heavy duty packing box is a great place to start. Make sure the cardboard boxes that you are using are double-walled.  Double-wall corrugated boxes ensure that the contents inside are protected. This type of box can also be stacked, protecting the goods during their time in storage.

AirCap Bubble Wrap

Fill your large boxes with bubble wrap or loose fill chips. AirCap bubble wrap is a start-up business must have. This professional filler is made with a barrier seal layer. This layer is added to provide extra strength, making it the most efficient way to wrap goods.


AirCap wrapping also prevents air from escaping from the bubbles. It is important that your businesses use wrapping that has a cushioning thickness as it will protect your goods while they are in storage.

Mailing Bags

The alternative. If you are an e-commerce business who ships smaller good, you could improve your packaging strategy by investing in padded mailing bags.

The benefit of mailing bags is that they are lightweight yet protective. Each bag has a lining of bubble wrap inside, which offers superior protection from the hazards of transit.