It seems that there is an ever-growing demand for staff with both knowledge and experience. Should your business have to compromise on one? If you are considering a training method that will enhance the skills of your team, then ITIL certification is an excellent choice.

ITIL is extremely popular with employers and some are even paying a premium for staff with certifications and experience in the most admired practices methodology.


If you have been looking into what is new in IT certifications, then you will know that Information Technology Infrastructure Library also known as ITIL certification, is one of the most desirable. The ITIL course was developed to benefit companies, helping them to identify areas of their business where they need to improve their efficiency.

An example of ITIL practice is that it helps to reduce customer and employee communication by implementing a self-help sections on your company’s website. The ITIL guidelines can aid your decision on how you will do this, either in-house or out. Another great online course is Prince2 Training.

Online Training Guide: What Does ITIL Certification Offer?


In all sectors, if you want to run a successful business, then you must invest in customer care and support. If your customers dislike the service, you are providing them then they will not continue to invest in your company. There are also statistics to support this argument, as customers that receive better service are more likely to return to your business. Help Scout, who run a help desk company say that:

“Customers overwhelmingly show appreciation for great service with their wallets. Your company should invest heavily in measuring customer satisfaction over time and work to consistently give better service.”

This is true, ITIL certification will aid your employees, which means your customers will receive a better service. In most cases, customers are more likely to remember a poor experience they have had with an organisation than a good one.


ITIL is used worldwide and by implementing a tried and tested strategy into your business means that you are guaranteed success. As soon as your business embraces ITIL methods, both your employees and customers will feel the benefits of the reliable service you are providing.

Online Training Guide: What Does ITIL Certification Offer?

The statistics have shown that companies using ITIL have seen an increase in incidents fixed at the first call by 20%. This is not the only benefit of the strategy as ITIL delivery processes and models that can help the business make important strategic decisions in:

  • Investment Opportunities
  • Cost optimisation
  • Management of risks and priorities for improvement

ITIL training provider, Datrix, say that the “online ITIL certification focuses on how to improve your approach, taking into reason risk and success factors”.


It cannot be argued that ITIL certification training is vastly becoming one of the most popular methods of online management. By training your staff to use ITIL practises, your organisation will begin to offer more proficient services, which means you customers will value your business more. This chain reaction will set your business in good stead for 2017, making your employees, services, and products, stand out against your competition.