If you are at the point in your business plans or home-building plans where you have to select lighting that will give you the “best” performance, it’s important to decide what you consider “best.” The answer has to be: Your purchase should give you the comfortable brightness you need, while also being energy-efficient and long-lasting. Fortunately, there is a source for this type of lighting, one that takes you beyond the classic incandescent bulbs and traditional fluorescent fixtures.

What could this “best” lighting source be? None other than LED lighting fixtures. If you’re not sure what will give you the illumination you need, you could always make a list of the benefits you get from this lighting source. In general terms, the quality of light is better (easier on the eyes). You can also do your part to save on the cost of electricity, as LED fixtures are remarkably energy-efficient. Your family or business will also save money over the long term because this technology delivers thousands of hours of “life,” often lasting two or three times longer than fluorescent products.

Think About Energy Costs

You will reduce the money spent to pay energy bills when you use LED lighting fixtures. They simply use half the energy of classic fluorescent, yet produce consistent lighting at a level you can live and work with. If your setting requires you to control the level of light, LEDs can be dimmed or set on timers, which gives you added control over consumption of energy.

This may be enough to convince you to select LED lighting fixtures for your new or replacement installation. But, you’ll also save when you continue to use the original lights, compared to putting in new fluorescent bulbs two or three times. Save money and time at home or at work when you reduce light-maintenance requirements.

You might also consider the less-tangible concept of light flicker when you’re shopping for lighting. When you buy from a leading supplier of high-quality LED lighting fixtures, you have access to flicker-free LED tubes, giving you the same long life and energy savings combined with more consistent illumination. It’s simply better visually, especially when your work depends on that consistency.

More About Energy Use

You’ve read that you’ll use less energy with LED lighting fixtures, but just how much benefit do you get in this area? General use and research show that LED lights can be as much as 80% more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lighting. The reason: This technology converts 95% of the source energy into comfortable, usable light. Only 5% of your energy is lost to heat. In the world of illumination, it doesn’t get much better than that.

When you choose the leading supplier of LED lighting fixtures, you are also doing your part to support companies offering USA-made products. You’ll receive competitively priced lights with warranties ranging from five years to 10 years! Call or visit the website today to learn more about this great option, and purchase products that comply with the Buy American Act (BAA). It’s the wise choice.