Do you dread the thought of the working day? Do you ever wish you could quit and embark on a new vocation? Don’t settle for a job you hate when there will be a rewarding job waiting for you. Find out how to start a new career.

Write Down Your Strengths

Before you start thinking about different jobs you can do, think carefully about your different strengths and abilities. You could have a wealth of transferable skills that could make you ideal for various roles in different industries. Write a list of all the things you can and like to do. Think about past compliments you have received from employers, colleagues or loved ones and write them down.

Identify the Best Jobs for Your Talents

Once you have written a list of all your talents, your next step is to identify the different roles to utilize your strengths. For example, if excellent driving skills are at the top of your list, you should consider HGV LGV training to enjoy a rewarding career as an LGV driver. There is a job out there that can suit your skills and personality, and it’s up to you alone to find it. All it might take to change your life is completing a course and passing a test.


Do you want to make it an industry, but lack the necessary skills and experience? If possible, why not volunteer at an organization to gain the knowledge you need to enjoy a career within your dream company or desired industry. Also, if you perform well in a volunteering role, a company might be willing to hire you for a full-time position – so you can transform your future by working for free for a few weeks or months.

Change Roles

Do you love the company but not the role? If so, consider talking to your employer about potentially changing positions within the business. If you are a hard-working, loyal, and dependable member of staff, you can guarantee a business owner might not want to lose you, so will be willing to help find a better place for you within the business.

If possible, aim to identify the different careers you would excel at within the company. For example, if strong organization and communication skills are your strengths, you could possibly move to administration, human resources, or PR. Aim to identify your talents so you can effectively pitch the career change to your employer, as they might be more likely to switch your role.

Search Online for a New Career

If you cannot find your calling, browse the different jobs online. There could be a niche job on one of the many job websites, which could jump off the landing page at you. So, do your homework to find a career that will make you want to get out of bed each money – and don’t settle for anything less or you could be searching for another job a few months down the line.