When you need a car to take you to a big meeting or to a flight you can’t afford to miss, you’ll want to choose the best car service you can. But how can you be sure that you’re making the right decision? Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re picking out a car service.

Read the reviews

The internet makes our lives easier in a lot of ways, and choosing a business or a service is certainly one of them. Thanks to sites like Yelp, we can now read reviews of businesses online!

You can find reviews of car services on places like Yelp and Google, among others. Keep in mind that online reviews are best used as a comparative measure. Happy customers aren’t that likely to leave reviews, so it may seem that your area is low on good car services. That’s likely not the case, but it’s still valuable to see which car services fare better than others. This can inform your decision.

Now is also a good time to take a look at the service’s website. Look at the website for LA-based MGCLS, for instance. It’s professionally made, offers key information, makes the case for the company by laying out advantages and special services, and allows you to look at the cars, rates, and more before you commit.

Try out the service

Next time you’re at a bar and need a ride home, or the next time you head to a theater and don’t feel like driving, why not call a car service? No, not an uber or a cab – a car service. That way, when it’s time to use a car service for an important appointment, you’ll have some familiarity with the options in your area. If you call a car service for a low-priority event like a trip to your local bar, you create a low-stakes experiment that will help you see which car services are the most reliable, prompt, and professional.

Take note of the car

And while you’re testing out the car service, don’t just look for the obvious things like promptness and customer service. Those things are vital, of course, but there are subtler signs of a good car service. Take a careful look at the car, for instance. How well maintained is it?

A good car service will take pains to deliver quality even where it’s less obvious. A clean car tells you that this car service is dedicated to the finer points of the customer’s experience. You can tell even more by paying attention to the mechanical maintenance of the car. If a car service is keeping up with routine maintenance like tire rotations, then you’ll be less likely to be delayed by a sudden problem like a flat tire. You can tell if your car service is paying attention to these details by taking a quick look at the tires as you get in the car. Are they worn down? Look at the depth of the grooves between the treads and at the finer grooves that should be there to indicate the age of the tire.

A great car service will be easy to spot if you pay attention to things like customer reviews, if you note the details that betray good or bad car maintenance, and if you take the time to test out a few services before you need them for something important. And if you choose wisely, you can always rest assured that you’ll make it to your appointments, impress your clients, or deliver your employees safely and on time to their obligations.