Lawncare is your specialty, but marketing is not. You might think that the best thing to do is to put some signs in local store. While that might make a small ripple, the Internet is a far more effective resource.

Start By Building A Website

Remember the old adage “location, location, location?” The same idea holds true in the information age, with one critical exception – your digital real estate might be every bit as important as your physical location. Make sure your domain name matches your branding as close as possible. Ensure that your website design is up to par with the latest design trends and optimized for lead generation and conversion.
There are a few things to keep in mind when constructing your site. First, it needs to be highly functional on all devices. Second, it needs to clearly say what your company does on the header of every page. Your website has the potential to be most productive marketing tool that you have.

Create Content

How To Market A Lawncare BusinessIf you are just starting your lawncare business or you only have a few clients, then you need to take steps to establish your credibility. Establishing credibility can be accomplished by proving that you are a subject-matter expert. Write a few articles about the do’s and don’ts of lawncare. Explain what they need to plant a garden. In addition to establishing credibility, this will help you to develop a relationship with clients. When they need landscaping work, they will come to you.

Sell The Benefits

A mistake that inexperienced advertisers make is to just post their company name and contact information. People quickly overlook and forget that sort of advertisement. They remember advertisements that speak to their needs. If you write something like, “Get rid of bugs!” you will be more likely to attract people because that is a specific need.

Ask For Referrals

According to Lawn Butler, word-of-mouth is the single most important marketing avenue for lawn care companies. If you met all of a client’s needs with excellence, there is no shame in simply asking for a referral. Some landscapers even offer their customer discounts in exchange for referrals.

Listen To What They Want

As an experienced landscaper, you probably have an idea of how a job should be done. But for you to bring a precise blueprint to every job would be a mistake because people have different needs. Ask them specifically what they want and pay attention.

Marketing is something that every entrepreneur has to navigate through. Learn how to market locally, in your neighborhood, and on the Internet, and you will be in a better position.