Distribution planning isn’t the most glamorous aspect of running a business, but it’s certainly one of the most important. Determining how your products will reach consumers and partners is a crucial part of operating your organization, and it isn’t always cheap. Use these tips to improve your distribution channels without costing your business a fortune.

Invest in Equipment Cases

Equipment cases are excellent at ensuring your products reach distributors and vendors without shattering or getting damaged along the way. Cardboard only stands up to so much, and if you go overseas, an investment in custom cases will be better for you in the long run. These cases also add an air of professionalism to your business, which can encourage vendors to more prominently display your goods or even pursue further dealings with your organization.

Simplify Processes

As technology has become more involved in distribution channels, many of these processes become overly complex. Look over your distribution efforts and evaluate which processes can be simplified. For example, look at the physical distribution style of your organization and see if any processes are redundant. While this step may take a good deal of time to evaluate and correct distribution methods, the overall cost will be nominal.

Train Effective Managers

Your frontline managers will be the ones directly operating your distribution channels, and that means you’ll need them to be impeccably trained. Their ability to effectively distribute products at minimal cost is what will determine whether your distribution efforts are successful or a waste of time. It’s vital they receive in-depth training and have clear instructions. This may sound like extra money, but someone will have to fill the role of a frontline manager anyway, so you may as well make it somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Open Communication

Whether it’s between a distributor or a supplier, it’s imperative your organization has open lines of communication between all of your distribution partners. This will ensure that when an issue arises, you’ll hear about it immediately and have ample time to react and adjust your plans accordingly. This step costs no money, and can be achieved by touching base with your partners at regular intervals. Set up a protocol for communication and make sure everyone knows what’s expected of them.

Distribution efforts can be a confusing and taxing subject, but they’re imperative to the success of your organization. Use the above tips when considering ways to improve your distribution processes, and you’ll find your supply management chain improving with next to no investment of resources at all.