Business cards are affordable ways to broaden the awareness about our brand. It is important to have quality business cards that can impress potential buyers. When purchasing business cards, it is important to get the biggest bang for our buck. It is important that the seller would use quality card stock and it would be a bad idea to print our cards at home. Cheap-looking cards could ruin our reputation. Many salespeople want to cut costs by making their own cards and this can be correlated with substandard products and services. It is important to use heavier, quality card stock. We should also know whether we should use matte or glossy paper for our cards. Glossy business cards could look and feel elegant, but it’s not possible for us or recipients to write on the card. Matte cards could still have good quality, while allowing us write short note on it, such as the location and time of future appointment with the recipient. We should also put additional information on the back of the card. It’s a usable real estate that we shouldn’t waste.

We may put product information on the back of the card. It shouldn’t cost us a huge additional money if we decide to use the backside of the card. However, we may still reserve enough white space to allow us to write additional information with pen. The font of the business card is also quite crucial. Highly artistic font may look great at larger sizes, but could cause people to struggle to read on a tiny business card. In fact, it is important that basic details can be read by people with specific visual impairment without glasses, such as far-sighted individuals. Colors are important components of business cards and we may use colors that are relevant with our official logo and brand. In this case, people would respond to something that is consistent. They would immediately correlate our business card with our brand, which would increase the overall brand awareness. While color elements should be relevant, they should still allow people to read the text. Black business cards may seem elegant, but they could cause people to struggle to read.

Logo and image could bring huge impacts to our business cards, but they will also eat up space. If the logo is too small, people may not notice it. So, it means that we should have an ideal logo that is easily identifiable although it’s represented in a much smaller size. The most important element of our cards is the information. Basic information include our name, position, company name, physical address, email, phone numbers and other relevant things. Information in our business card is inadequate if people need to hunt for further details when they try to contact us. It should be straightforward for people to establish contact, armed only with our business cards. The lack of some details, like physical address would cause people to question the overall legitimacy of our business.