Kitchens have their own charm which gives you a completely different vibe but this is possible if and only when you have designed it appropriately. There are combinations of elements which can make your kitchen look appealing and you enjoy the process of preparing meals.

One key factor which helps you to get similar ambience is adequate light in your kitchen. Natural sunshine and bright light illuminating from the room is a classic example and you are less likely to go wrong with this.

Discussed below are some excellent tricks in which you can bring in more light in your kitchen-

Choose White for walls

Each colour has its unique vibe and that’s the main reason you must select colour carefully. You must consider what specific ambience you want for your kitchen. It could be a simple wood and glass combination or plain whites for others.

But, most households prefer plain whites in their kitchen because it spreads across simplicity, clear, calm and clean atmosphere. There are several shades and tints of whites so choose the one which goes along with kitchen décor.

Besides, white colour in general have subtle amount of light which adds brightness to the room. So, if you intend to have gloomy effect in your kitchen white is what you should be looking for.

Mirror –Like Effect

The thumb rule of this technique is that higher the gloss level the higher is the reflection of light. In other words, light bounces at a higher level when it hits high gloss paint especially with matte sheen. The effect resembles like mirror reflects on light.

If your kitchen does not have adequate natural light choosing glossy-paint for your wall is a smart choice. This remarkably multiplies the magnitude of the effect.

Replace wall space with glass

This is a tricky technique of all those options that you may have come across but surely an effective one.  You can replace sections of your exterior wall with glass blocks or glass panes. This will allow ample of sunlight to walk-in freely into your kitchen and entirely change the vibe of from dark to bright.

However, there are certain technicalities which have to be taken into account before you carry out the replacement. Apart from that you also should check from local authorities if you need any legal permission for making such changes in the house.

You can also search for different varieties of glass blocks available in the market. If so, make it a point to choose a design which blends well with your kitchen décor. You can also get in touch with professionals for kitchen design  as they can assist you in the selection of the right décor and design.

Eliminate Dark Furniture

Yet another effective way to brighten your kitchen is to reduce or completely eliminate use of dark shades for furniture. If you have an old cabinet which is chocolate brown in colour then try to re-paint or exchange with a cabinet in lighter colour.

This should be on your list especially if that object acts as an obstacle for light to pass through windows and doors. You may have noticed that dark window treatments also block transmission of light.  Thus, take care of these minute aspects which have a huge impact on overall kitchen brightness.

Get Greens in your kitchen

Although you might prefer to keep your kitchen simple and neat but get over the misconception that home plants make them dirty. Well, your kitchen can be maintained clean in presence of home plants also but you just have to put in some additional efforts.

These are not even time consuming efforts all you need to do is nourish the plants at regular intervals and get rid of the dead leaves and flowers. In most cases, leaves wither away themselves from the plant but a regular check will enrich quality of your plants.


If you have hard wood or glossy wood as your flooring then you can get them replaced with stone floors or marble as they have polished finish. Such flooring has potential to reflect back the light in the room shared from the source.

But, if you are keen for carpet flooring then it is smart to pick neutral or light colours as they  are considered to be light-friendly.

Besides, you can always install artificial lights to brighten your kitchen. Some of them appear as a natural source of brightness and can be adjusted according to your needs. The best part being they are inexpensive as compared to other time-consuming and expensive techniques.