Big Data has undoubtedly revolutionized the business world judging from the fact that it is on everybody’s lips nowadays. However, it also means sifting through mountains of data that firms collect from various sources. While this important task may not be a big challenge for large enterprises, it certainly presents a daunting activity for small businesses. Nevertheless, big data solutions have become much more manageable for small firms in the recent years, and small enterprises are beginning to reap the benefits. Here is how small businesses can leverage big data to experience success:

Enhancing Email Marketing

You can integrate customer data, such as their first names, in communications to make email marketing more effective. You can also use site browsing history to create automated email follow-ups reminding customers about the products they have browsed. Use information about clients’ backgrounds to create related themes in their emails to boost customer engagement.

Making Personalized Offers

Leveraging big data may just be as simple as creating personalized offers that customers can easily identify. Small businesses can strengthen their customer bases and build brand loyalty by using customer data to create personalized offers. Use information about their professions, hobbies and age to design relevant offers that would appeal to them. You will realize that customers respond well to offers that are specifically tailored for them.

Identifying Loopholes in Operations

Upcoming business enterprises can leverage big data by spotting patterns in customer complaints. Take note of what the client complains about, when and why. Such details will help in identifying the specific processes, employees or locations that have inherent flaws; hence, working to streamline them. You can use big data to determine regular patterns in customer behavior, and it will go a long way in identifying loopholes that may be preventing your small business from making further inroads in the market.

Improving Customer Support

Your company stands to reap massive benefits if you can understand the needs of your clients by using the data you have collected about them. This information is valuable to the customer support team which can use it to appreciate the relationship the business has with its various clients. Your company may need legacy systems migrations to properly manage information such as what products they have bought, which ones they have viewed, and any complaint they may have will help the customer support team to learn how to handle specific clients.

Small business may be wary of the costs of big data but will gain immensely from its adoption. It will help them identify loopholes in their operations as well as enhance customer support. Creating personalized offers and improving email marketing will be essential to the broadening of their customer base.


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