As I reminisced on shows such as Beavis and Butthead I remembered the television show ‘Ow my balls!’ that was a sensation in the future world depicted in the movie Idiocracy. I keep asking myself, “What the heck is wrong with all of these kids (and some young adults) today? Are they all mentally challenged?” Then I looked at a list of MTV shows over the past few years.

Animated Shows

Beavis and Butthead by Mike Judge

I honestly think Mike Judge scared himself when he created Beavis and Butthead and then saw how popular it became. The whole show centers around people doing dangerous and stupid things, making fart and sex jokes, and uttering stupid, meaningless phrases. A 5 year old killed his two year old sibling by setting fire to a mobile home after allegedly watching an episode of this show. I personally remember Beavis and Butthead constantly saying, “Heh heh, fire, fire!”

Comedy Shows

Jackass: Need I say more?

If you’ve ever even seen just a few seconds of this show I don’t even really need to continue. Going hand over hand on a rope over an alligator pit, wearing nothing but your underwear and a giant steak over your rear. If you’ve seen Idiocracy, it parallels the show ‘Ow my balls!’ almost identically.

Reality Shows

Jersey Shore

I am running out of ways to rip on Jersey Shore. The biggest thing that stands out to me on this show that foreshadows the world of Idiocracy is the nicknames. The Situation, Snooki, Jwoww. Idiocracy has charcters named Frito, Beef Supreme, Not Sure, Upgrayedd (two D’s for a double dose of his pimpin’). All the characters care about are things like, partying, shopping, drinking, and getting their “freak” on.

Teen Mom

I have a great idea! Let’s make a show all about teens getting pregnant and then sensationalize it, add a ton of staged drama, and show how “tough” it is. Even though all of the people on the show have support from their parents. I actually saw a question one day on Yahoo Answers where some girl was talking about how she loved the show and wanted to have a baby herself (source). She was 16. MTV gt; FAIL


Teen Cribs

News? Really? Since when is spoiled rich kids news and why would you want your kids to see this? Not only does it depress the parents but it gives kids an even more perverted sense of reality. Someone on the IMDB site commented on this shows page saying, “After watching this show, I now know why extreme Muslim jihadists want to kill us.

I’m not saying that MTV is the sole cause to this ushering in of a dumb era. They are one of many contributing factors that affect our youth such as fast food, teletubbies and sponge bob.

Photo courtesy of Brainstain