In an increasingly digital workplace, the role of human resources is being forced to change at a rapid pace to keep up with the evolving face of business. The modern workplace has become synonymous with digitalization and technological advances. Most companies now have e-commerce platforms to supplement their brick-and-mortar stores, while many other stores now offer their products exclusively through e-commerce platforms.

As these companies roll out their e-commerce stores and start implementing any operational activities they may need to make their store a success, they will also need to consider the personnel that they will need to support it.

HR departments are now being faced with a structural redesign of traditional workforces and workplaces that affects everything from how the business is run, to how employees are hired and managed.

The scarcity of a readily available workforce in many locations means that more and more companies are turning to the online world to locate their employees. This means that many companies are being forced to hire remote employees that may not even work in the same country.

Initially, VeryVoga was uncertain how to find these virtual employees that would fit the company’s vibe. While searching for specialized personnel to help run their e-commerce platform, they realized that these remote employees needed to feel just as connected to the in-house team as anyone else. To make sure their employees felt connected, the VeryVoga HR team made sure that each virtual or remote employee was equipped with the necessary technology and platforms to stay in contact with their teammates throughout the day, in a way that felt seamless and natural.

All businesses hope to see marvelous success when it comes to profitability, but with the fast-moving world of the digital marketplace, even small start-ups can become overnight sensations within the right environment. However, this can be overwhelming for a young company, especially one that is still attempting to rely on conventional HR policies.

Often, conventional HR policies struggle to be implemented with any real success when it comes to the unpredictable nature of human reaction to an e-commerce business seeing a sudden rise in success.

JJ’s House saw this struggle firsthand when their company begin to gain rapid popularity online. What they realized was that the thought process and buying behavior that influenced their young target market was different than any they had dealt with before. This was a socially active, diverse, and fast moving market that was under constant change. What this meant for JJ’s House was that they had to be prepared for unconventional business scenarios that would shape their HR policies, instead of their HR policies shaping the business scenarios, as was common in the past.

Any business or employee who is working in an e-commerce industry has to come to the realization that this business demands that you always be on your toes and ready to change at a moment’s notice. Holding fast to conventional HR tactics and policies will only prove a detriment to your success. You must be ready to change with the tides at a moment notice if you want to succeed.