There are many ways we can do to attract new customers. We may use multiple marketing channels for our small business. Email is one of the most important marketing tools, especially to contact the most prospective customer. Email may seem notorious for its ability to send thousands of messages to relevant or irrelevant individuals. With proper strategy, email is the best way to promote our business. When we do this, it is important for us to avoid sending spam. Before we send an email, we should gather the most relevant potential customers. This is often the most efficient way of sending promotional email messages. Many people send email to thousands of email addresses with very little or no results. In email messages, we should describe the type of service and product in the most effective way.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important things to have and it is important to make sure that our website achieves, genuine, high organic ranking. Although our business can use other sources of consumer traffic, website is definitely one of the most important. Our goal is to create an increasingly better organic search ranking, so we will be able to promote our services and products. Many businesses use their websites only as online brochures with static content. If we want to build organic ranking over time, it is important to make sure that our website can make a much greater impact. It is true that results from search engine optimization can be initially very low and it is possible to boost the process. Pay per click advertising is a direct way to encourage people to visit our website.

PPC ads are essentially paid ads that are shown on popular search engines and they are relevant to what people are looking for in search engines. If our website is new and there is a lot of competition, we may need to use PPC ads to complement standard search engine optimization method. This is important because we can simulate “first page placement” by paying some amount of money to search engine operators, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. PPC may be not essential if we manage to gain high ranking in search engines. For many small businesses, PPC advertising should be quite affordable and after opening the Google Adwords account and the initial budget is only $25. The PPC link can be directed to our main page or any product page. If we are offering a product, it is better to

Even small businesses with tight budget can start a decent PPC campaign. With proper wording and ads title, it should be possible to attract enough visitors through PPC advertising.  Our business could start with very small budget and we may need to initially to test our ads to see whether it will work properly. Once we are convinced that we can gain proper results, it is a good idea to commit some extra dollars. If we want to manage a huge budget for PPC advertising, we should try to involve real professionals who have the experience and expertise to run our campaigns. Another factor that we shouldn’t forget is mobile marketing, especially because many people are using tablets and smartphones to find local merchants and sellers. We may use special apps to send discount coupons, special offers and other promotions.