Many small businesses are facing big dilemma. As an example, some businesses are facing problems in promoting products and services. In reality, it doesn’t take an expensive multi-media campaign. We also shouldn’t use hard-hitting direct sales methods to promote our products. Popular brands are able to generate plenty of profit each year and they could be backed by huge advertising and marketing budget. On the other hand, small businesses would need to gradually build their reputation and they will need to implement plenty of introduction to consumers. It may take years or even decades for a brand to get entrenched in the market and in the minds of average consumers. In general, we may need to keep our brands in front of consumers. The target audience will need to be served in an appropriate way.

As an example, marketers may use image advertising by combining color, music and various styles. In this case, marketers may want to create instant rapport with their target audience. There are different ways to perform this, but advertising messages can be made evocative and subtle. A good advertising should have effective call to action and the target audience should be able to draw their own solid conclusions. There’s no point trying to sell a product over and over again, if consumer doesn’t get new information compared to the previous exposure. Marketing efforts can be quite expensive, especially if famous celebrities are involved in this process. As an example, sporting legends are often idolized by many people and they can be hired to promote sports shoes, energy drinks, health products and something similar.

L’Oreal is known for roping in many celebrities to promote and endorse their products. This will allow the company to strongly convince potential and loyal customers about using the product continuously. If it’s good enough for celebrities, it will also be good enough for average consumer. The big question is whether this kind of method can also be employed by small businesses. This can be quite challenging, because business owners may have barely enough money. Especially, because business owners have spent a lot of money for raw material purchases, capital expenditure, administrative set up costs, legal fees, product developments, market researches and others. Before the product is launched, it is important to make sure that proper infrastructure has been established.

As an example, websites should be efficient enough to allow easy sales and there should be delivery channels to ensure that products can be sent quickly to stores or directly to customers. Even before small businesses sell their first item, they may already borrow substantially. For this reason, marketing and advertising methods should already planned long before the company has been established. As an example, it could be worthwhile for business owners to involve multimedia advertising campaign when selling their products. Marketing costs are huge, so business owners should put it next to office rent, employee hiring, raw materials purchase, production processes and other essential tasks. Also, advertising services don’t come cheap.