For any business, big or small, first impression is essential. After we pass this initial stage, we will need to meet or even exceed the expectations of customers. It is important for business owners to put their customer’s hat on. This is a good way to define areas that can be improved. If business owners are unable to define areas that need to be improved, it is possible that the business will end up becoming a below average institution. There are many ways that can enhance first impression. As an example, the pathway to our main door must be clean and neat. Decayed, dry leaves and boxes scattered along the pathway would ruin first impression. This could indicate that the business is disorganized and they don’t even have enough time or willingness to clean things up. It is important to stay vigilant and set the proper standards for our products. Any kind of signage should be in an entirely pristine condition. Signage will speak volume about our business and professionalism. Faded signage could cause second rate impression, so it’s something that we need to avoid.

Windows should be kept clean. Grime and fingerprints on the window is a big no no. Dirty windows could give a clear impression of poorly-run business. It is important that we regularly clean door handles and windows. Customers won’t closely scrutinize our windows, but a quick glance will easily tell them that things are not properly cleaned. A good office would ensure proper lighting. In this case, we should know about the ambiance and mood of our brand. Natural light is more preferred, because it’s a better lighting than any kind of artificial light source. In areas with poor sunlight exposure, we should use bright natural light. Dimmed lighting can be used if we want to produce a relaxed mood, such as in a cozy restaurant or message parlor. Lighting design should be made to enhance the experience for our customers. After taking of visual elements, we should also make sure that our workplace , stores or restaurants have appropriate smell. Although a smell is relevant to the surrounding, it will become offensive if too strong.

Bathroom should also be kept clean and we shouldn’t delay it, if it’s only for 10 minutes. The simple phrase” Can I go to your bathroom?, may strike fear into our bones. There should be adequate supplies for cleaning the bathroom. This is a critical area of the office, store and restaurant to indicate whether the business is well organized. First impression can be maintained at acceptable level if apparel matches the business. A business may require employee to wear specific uniform. Clothes that we are using should blend effortlessly into our business environment. Regarding of the climate and weather, the temperature inside workplace, store and restaurant should be acceptable to support positive first impression.