The most complicated part of running a business is having employees. Employees are a great resource for completing production of products and services, but they also require resources from you. If you want employees to stay on and continue to be valuable assets to your company, you have to meet their needs. Some of these are obvious; a safe work environment, a wage they can support themselves with, flexibility in schedules to account for life’s surprises, and health coverage are all automatically part of the conversation when it comes to employment.

But there are other needs that people have that might not be apparent until they are brought to your attention. It’s important to think about what your employees will need to have a healthy and convenient environment to work in. One of the most overlooked aspects of this is personal storage.

Your employees don’t exist in a vacuum. They probably bring personal items to work, sometimes relevant to the job and other times not. This can include photos, clothes to change into after work, car keys, purses, phones, water bottles, and more. If your employees have their own desks, personal items can be kept there, but it can be nice to offer a separate storage area so they can keep their work space clear.

If your employees don’t keep their phones on them during their shifts, it would be great to provide cell phone lockers where employees can store their phones, jewelry, and other small items without having to worry about security.

It’s also a great idea to address bicycle storage for those who bike to work. If your building doesn’t have bicycle racks, consider investing. If that’s not a short-term option, set aside a hall or closet space where bikers can keep their bikes safe. Be sure this space is easily accessible and communicated to all the employees.

For workplaces with uniforms, having long lockers, cubbies, or closet spaces where employees can hang clothes is a nice option. This allows employees to keep extra clothes available to change into after their shift, without worrying about them getting wrinkled in bags or sitting in a hot car.

Individual cubbies and baskets can also be useful, though they don’t offer the security of lockers. If your employee area is secure and employee-access only, you could consider doing DIY storage involving PVC pipes, boxes, or wood shelves. The options are only limited to your imagination and “handiness” level!

Providing secure storage for your employees’ personal items shows them that you care about their needs. It also shows you acknowledge their life outside of work, particularly when giving space for clothes and bike storage. If you have any tips for businesses regarding employee item storage, share in the comments!