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July 14, 2009

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As my fifth year as a Mac user is nearing, I could not be happier with my decision to switch to Apple. My first real introduction to Apple, especially the Mac, and its capabilities and creative application, was during a unique experience I had 5 years ago. Being an avid musician and amateur music producer and engineer, I interned at a music studio called Milkboy Recording, in Ardmore, PA. There I acquired many technical skills in sound engineering and sound syn-thesis. I began training on Pro Tools, primarily, but also on such Apple applications as Logic Pro and Soundtrack Pro. It was amazing to work with the seamless compatibility between the Mac OS, programs, and extensive amount of hardware we were using.

By valuing another aspect of music creation, when working with any particular musician, I had to provide artistic insight while working out the engineering techniques to acquire the sound we wanted. I believe that my ability to maximize the benefits from implementing crea-tive and analytical skills would be useful in a career with Apple. This has taught me how to genuinely sell an idea, providing beneficial input in helping to reach the greatest end result – a satisfied client.

Acquiring essential skills in music production and sound engineering have given me an over-all understanding of OS 9 and OS X and many different Apple and cross-platform software programs. Seeing the progression and evolution of the Mac OS has given me a glimpse of the incredible amount of innovation that goes into the development and creation of Apple prod-ucts and groundbreaking technology.

I would take on the privilege of working for Apple with great enthusiasm. In a world of rigid standards, it’s nice to be encouraged to “Think Different” – words I often live by. Thanks for your time and for considering my application for job opportunities at Apple.


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