People always try to take something special from the places they used to travel through. They want to buy something inspiring, but useful and colorful that is specific for one or another country. How about Italy? You can take not only clothes, but coffee machine Bialetti, Pylones mug from Florence, geographical drawings from La Feltrinelli, books, magazines and office equipment from Legami. Nevertheless, the most inspiring souvenir is Italian cosmetics.

Why Italian? If you decided that chemical are dangerous and organic are useful, you should learn more about Italian cosmetic brands. This is an important part of eco living in Italy. ICEA (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale) is situated in Italy. The specialists of ICEA test and learn cosmetics, food, clothes concerning products’ naturalness and ecological components. Let’s learn the popular eco brands of cosmetics in Italy.

Happy Herb Salesman


The shops from Kiko are met at every corner in Italy. It can be helpful if you are in search of eco lipstick from Kiko and cannot find it in the big shopping malls. You can easily hire a car in Rome and got to the city suburbs to find the smallest Kiko shop ever. The lipstick is yours now. It is also recommended to buy mascara, matted lipsticks, nail polish, and abrasive napkins.

Attention: you should register on the website first to receive the unique QR-code that gives a sale about 10% for the first purchase.


This is a new brand of decorative cosmetics. If you like green, blue and grey lipstick, you mostly welcome. There is also a philanthropic effort – Wycon supports the fund to support women, suffering from intestinal disorders. The products of this brand are not only eco-friendly but useful.


The perfumes that look like the topper are met on every Douglas. If you are in Milan, you can go to the Golden Square, the corner of Montenapoleone and Gesu. Coming to Rome, go to the Piazza di Spagna. So, you are offered to try coffee and listen to the story of the perfumery shop. If you want to buy something, you can get your package wrapped in the crispy paper with the blue ribbon and monogram.

Sacchetti saponosi


What a long name! If you are able to call it by name, you can easily make an excursion to the amazing Florentine pharmacy-museum. This is the history that Italy is rich in. So, there was an Ordo Praedicatorum Dominicans, who planted herbs in the garden. They provide their pharmaceutical services to all and everyone. What is now? This is the favorable place to buy eco products for your health and beauty: herbal teas, perfumery, soap, candles, aromatic wax and others. The prices are high but the interior bribes. Of course, you can meet the products of this brand all over the Italy. If you want to meet the old pharmacy that is 400 years old – go to Florence.


Italians know a lot about body care, including anti-cellulite and drainage care. Such brands as Collistar and GUAM can be easily found in the specialized shops. This is the budget alternative to all popular brands. The components are natural: the Dead Sea salt, natural oils and extracts. The bottle of scrub is about 2 EUR. GEOMAR boasts the face line, sun-protective measures, epilators.

Salt in the Dead Sea


Italian soap is popular all over the world. The oldest soap factory was founded in 1945 to produce natural hand-made products in Toscana. Their professional approach is impressive. They wanted to be not the biggest but the best! There is a wide bathing line. What kind of soap do you prefer? You should buy the soap bars: it is available to transport in the plane; it smells really impressive (strawberry, cypress); it carefully wrapped in the curly package with the bright signature con amore e cura on it.

Soap is very popular product in Italy. You can wash your face, hands, use it to odorize your room, but not use for bathing. The containment of alkalies is very high. There is a risk to be smaller is size. So, one way or another, natural herbal soap is always highly popular and useful. The shops of NESTI DANTE are hardly met in the small cities. So, you can find their products in the specialized shops and pharmacies like Coin and La Rinascente.


This is a popular brand of creams and face masks. It came from Bologna. L’Erboristica is always in high demand for vegans and everyone who loves natural cosmetics. There are many cosmetic lines: hair, body and face cosmetics. The brand is available far abroad the country. The prices in Italy are much cheaper than somewhere else. It is not more expensive than 20 EUR. The main components are: coco, almond, argan oils. You should try anti-age line with the argan oil and hyaluronic acid Trattamento Intensivo Riparatore Viso. The texture of cream is very pleasant. It comes back your face to life very fast.

There is one more interesting product: argan oil for neck and face Olio di Argan. It is very effective for regular usage.

LaMoM Has An Interesting Selection Of Soaps


Meet popular Italian anticellulite cosmetics from GUAM natural line. You know, Italian producers are popular all over the world with their anticellulite program. Thus, anticellulite cream Collistar is as effective as using Photoshop program. Of course, Italians don’t like keeping diets. So, Italian producers always try to invent something new and creative to work on the cellulite problem effectively.

The organic brand Guam is situated not far from Ferrara. The cosmetic line is also popular with the drainage drinks – you should take it with water all together with the anti-cellulite creams. The most of creams are individually elaborated to solve one or another skin program. There is also a unique opportunity to buy facial masks with water plants. They are rich in minerals and other natural components.

Eco products are always an important part of beauty care. There are no chances to be beautiful, healthy and well-conditioned without using natural helpers.