Management of bank infrastructure and business is not an easy task, because there are so many aspects that should be taken into account. Relationships with customers, marketing funnel, retail operations, corporate banking – how to deal with all that effectively? Banking BPM is a versatile solution for financial organizations regardless of their size. Bpm’online offers outstanding software for banking management (

What is BPM banking?

Banking BPM software is a series of programs created to develop and maintain customer relationships, business processes and campaigns. One out-of-the-box solution combines functionality of different applications and can perform many mission-critical tasks being used as a unified cloud based solution. Aligning all processes in single environment users can quickly exchange information and benefit from its numerous features.


Business process management for banks requires complex approach. Solutions of bpm’online help to deal with:

  1. Customer communication. Keep in touch with clients via different means of communication: personalized emails, calls, personal meetings, or social media. Let them know about your special offers, events and news.
  2. Analysis of real-time data. Having information about customers and deals the software makes prognosis and reports. Use them for development of your organization and improvement of customer service.
  3. Tracking of the entire customer journey from the moment they receive a lead and further account maintenance.
  4. Organization and control of marketing campaigns. Making process-driven decisions banking BPM software allows for making marketing simple and efficient.
  5. Management of complete sales cycle and long-term partnership.
  6. Assignment of tasks to employees based on their skills and competence. Optimize workflow and enjoy fruitful results.

To have the entire business under control, it’s not enough to simply manage financial operations – consistent communication with customers contributes to perpetual growth and development of the company. With a BPMS for banks you can keep tabs on all aspects and reach potential and loyal customers efficiently.


Just like CRM programs ( for many other spheres, banking BPM is considered to be an irreplaceable part of business due to the following reasons.

First, BPM software is a cheaper alternative to numerous programs and applications – you simply make monthly payments per users and enjoy the whole gamut of options and tools at your disposal. No worries about updates and installation on every single device – the cloud platform can be easily accessed anywhere, anytime.

Secondly, banking BPM solutions that we provide feature convenient intuitive interface that can be navigated right away. Employees don’t have to be tech savvy to understand how the applications work, and may run all the functions at the first day of use. The programs are compatible with different mobile and web platforms.

Thirdly, the software helps to put down your expenses on workforce and consultants. Thanks to real-time data analysis, you will be able to make the right process-driven decisions and develop the organization and relations with customers correctly.

Does My Company Need It?

Even if you have a small-sized financial organization, your business will definitely benefit from an appropriate BPM solution. It not only optimizes banking business processes – there is a full spectrum of different tools and instruments that help to improve customer experience and sales. Consider this solution, if:

  • you want to boost the number of customers together with the level of service;
  • your employees lack time to deal with all transactions and orders;
  • your staff needs an integrated platform for data exchange and communication;
  • you want to automate business processes.

Think you cannot afford advanced software? Bpm’online has programs tailored for organizations of different size, so you will always find a solution that suits your budget and needs. Once you deploy banking BPM, you will see considerable improvement of relationships with customers and acquire better control over business processes. With this software, you will get agility and ability to improve the campaigns and processes keeping tabs on business environment.

Discover The Benefits Of Banking BPM

Why bpm’online?

We provide best-of-breed BPM software for small- and middle-sized organizations including banks and financial institutions. Focusing on CRM and business process automation solutions our company develops products that allow for effective and easy communication with customers. What makes our programs special is:

  1. The ability to track the entire customer journey and to personalize communication with the help of pre-defined processes and algorithms.
  2. Integration with other platforms that helps to gather complete information about customers and interact via social media.
  3. Out-of-the-box processes allow for managing work with clients effectively and can be used in both retail and corporate marketing. No need to elaborate new strategies – you will be guided through the process to make right decisions.
  4. Intuitive and comprehensible interface that users will find very easy to use. No skills and training required – install the software and use it right from the start without problems. With this system, employees will get fast access to data from any device, be that laptop, phone or laptop.
  5. Real time data and analysis: you will always be aware of what your employees do, what are the tasks in progress, and which steps should be taken next. More relevant data means more abilities to develop and improve.

Building and maintenance of long-term relationships with customers has never been so easy and effective. Choosing bpm’online you power your business with one of top five banking CRM systems: that means using every business opportunity and being in step with the times. We have demo version of software for you to test and decide upon its effectiveness. Be sure: you will find a set of programs that meet your demands and needs. With proper BPM banking solution, any financial organization can optimize workflow and boost revenue.

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