One of the most important things for your company’s growth is to engage and motivate your employees. Most of the people consider their jobs like some boring and hard tasks they have to accomplish to earn money to survive. The money has become a number one priority, so most of the company directors use bonuses and rewards as the only mean of motivation. But actually, often, it’s more important how your employees feel than how much money they make. And the first thing you have to do to produce positive feelings is to make their workplace a healthy and inspiring environment.


Don’t follow the latest trends when you’re creating a design for your company’s offices. Always ask yourself if it’s more important to be modern or is it more important to have offices where your employees will feel happy and relaxed. When choosing the colors you should examen the psychology of colors to see how your choice will affect the feelings of your employees. For example, painting the whole office in a strong and bright color as red may seem like a very modern thing, but it will make people irritated and often even aggressive. Don’t allow yourself to turn your redrum into murder.

Avoid the Carnival

One more thing people tend to do when designing the offices is to decorate them too much. In their attempt to make the place feel more like home they put various random things all over the place to cover or hide cold gray walls or plastic desks. This kind of trick always backfires because all those decorations are actually a distraction for your employees. Your goal is not to keep them occupied with other things, but to produce a workplace that will keep them motivated to do the actual work. It’s cheaper to go to the market and buy tons of kitschy stuff than to hire an interior designer, but that’s also how your results will be.

Follow the Nature

This doesn’t mean to paint your walls green or to bring a truck of plants, although it can be very interesting to be eco-friendly and it’s always a plus. It’s not accidental that people tend to go to the nature to rest and relax because that kind of environment represents health and well-being. The point is that you can copy that feeling into your offices. You need to open up a space to get as much natural light as you can, at the same time producing a great view. That way you’ll reduce the stress and improve the air quality. If your company’s location is in an urban district and there is not much of the view then the better option is to use artificial light to create an atmosphere. When using artificial light don’t go around making a discotheque, but use it to imitate natural light. Also be careful when you choose the materials when furnishing your office. You need to have a range of materials that can cover a range of needs – try to combine the ones soft at touch with a strong texture of wood and stone. Your goal is to make the environment where your employees will find everywhere they look the same patterns they find in nature.

Clean the cage

If we’re gonna be completely honest, no matter how hard you try, your employees will always feel a little bit like in a cage in their offices. It’s a human psychology – they have to come every day to work to get paid. But that doesn’t mean they need to feel like trapped animals. The important thing is to give them their freedom of movement. It’s normal to have a lot of tools and appliances required to get the work done, but don’t leave them all over the place so your employees must go through them like through the labyrinth. You need to keep the space free to produce healthy circulation. Luckily, there are companies like Supercheapstoragethat will keep all the important tools by hand – but out of the way.

Mix it up

These tips are not meant to be a strict set of rules. People have different needs and different reactions. For example, sometimes a beautiful view can also be a distraction. Watch the people you work with, pay attention to their moods and feelings. Not all offices need to be the same. Some people function better under the artificial light, some under the natural one. Some like softer and the others like stronger textures. Adapt the design of your offices to their needs and in return, they will help your company prosper.